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What is CM/GC?

Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) contracting method utilizes an integrated "Team" approach applying modern management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project in order to control time and cost, and to assure quality for the project owner.  The "Team" consists of the Agency, an A&E firm (retained by the Agency), and the CM/GC.  The CM/GC method includes both pre-construction and construction phase services. 
The traditional linear approach to managing transportation projects is used with either the Design-Bid-Build (low bid) or Design-Build processes.  These systems work very well on conventional transportation projects that do not require complex, innovative approaches to the design and construction phases of the projects. There are certain types of projects that require a unique approach to construction management; projects that are better managed in a non-linear approach. These types of projects can be identified by the following criteria:
  • Innovative funding scenarios, where multiple owners may dictate final project criteria
  • Complex construction phase, where the contractors timely input is invaluable
  • Projects where limiting budgets threaten the delivery of the project and where CM/GC alternatives can help to contain costs
  • Other projects where construction input is required during early phases of project design.

The A&E is selected utilizing the standard consultant selection process. 
The CM/GC is selected using a qualification-based, Request for Proposal (RFP) process.  
For more information regarding the CM/GC delivery method, contact the ODOT Office of Project Letting.

ODOT uses unique and dedicated GM/GC General Provisions boilerplates that are specifically written to provide the terms and conditions under which the bidding requirements, evaluation, and award are conduced, and the pre-construction phase services and construction phase services for all CM/GC projects are performed. The CM/GC General Provisions replaces ODOT’s Standard Specifications Part 00100s.