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Base Documents Version 3 - Draft

Request For Qualifications (RFQ) Version 3

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ) - Version 3 - DRAFT - December 17, 2007
RFQ Forms
     Form COI - Proposer/Major Subcontactor Conflict of Interest Disclosure
     Form B - Backlog Information
     Form E1 - Project Description
     Form E2 - Major Subcontractor Information
     Form E3 - Proposed Key Personnel Information
     Form L1 - Proposer's Organization Information
     Form L2 - Principal Participant and Designer Certification
     Form PP1 - Past Performance
     Form PP2 - Environmental Past Performance
     Form R - Past Revenue
     Form RFQ-C - Proposer's Question Request
     Form S - Safety Questionnaire
     Form WD - Record of Past Workforce Diversity Performance

Request For Proposal (RFP) Version 3 

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) - Version 3 - DRAFT - December 17, 2007


DB General Provisions


     DB110 - Organization, Conventions, Acronyms, and Definitions
     DB120 - RESERVED
     DB130 - RESERVED
     DB140 - Scope of Work; Changes in the Work
     DB141.00 - Performance Specifications
          DB141.11 - Structures
          DB141.12 - Geotechnical
          DB141.13 - Hydraulics
          DB141.21 - Roadway Geometrics
          DB141.22 - Drainage
          DB141.23 - Guardrails and Barriers
          DB141.25 - Permanent Traffic Control
          DB141.26 - Pavement
          DB141.27 - Landscaping
          DB141.31 - Temporary Traffic Control
          DB141.51 - Environmental Compliance
          DB141.52 - Public Information and Involvement
          DB141.54 - Economic Development
          DB141.55 - Diversity
          DB141.56 - Context Sensitive and Sustainable Solutions (CS3)
     DB150 - Control of Work
     DB154 - Quality Program and Quality Plan Requirements
     DB155 - Design Management and Design Quality Management
     DB156 - Construction Workmanship and Materials Quality Management
     DB160 - Source of Materials
     DB165 - Quality of Materials
     DB170 - Legal Relations and Responsibilities
     DB171 - Workforce Protection
     DB172 - Required Federal Contract Provisions
     DB174 - Utilities, Railroads, and Right of Way (ROW)
     DB175 - RESERVED
     DB180 - Prosecution and Progress
     DB190 - Pricing and Measurement of Pay Quantities
     DB195 - Payment
     DB196 - Payment for Extra Work
     DB197 - Payment for Force Account Work
     DB199 - Disagreements, Protests, and Claims


RFP Forms


     Form BT - Bridge Table
     Form COI - Proposer Conflict of Interest Disclosure
     Form DU - Design Unit Descriptions
     Form ICS - Certificate Regarding Ineligible Contractors and Subcontractors
     Form KP - Key Personnel Information
     Form LC - Lobbying Certificate
     Form NC - Non-Collusion Affidavit
     Form PCD - Price Center Descriptions
     Form EA - Escrow Agreement
     Form PP - Price Proposal Signature Page
     Form SP - Schedule of Prices
     Payment Bond