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Commonly Missed Items
Missed Item List

1. Package not received on time or incomplete. (Due 24 days + ad length prior to bid opening, typically 45 days; unless an additional 21 days is required for Focused Federal Oversight (FFO) review, the 66 days.  See the PS&E Delivery Manual for more information).

2. Bid Items with no corresponding specifications or special provisions. (Every bid item must have specs for Measurement and Payment)

  • A bid item should exist in the bid schedule for each item of work called for in the plans.  The exception being items of work that are called out in the specifications as incidental.
  • Each bid item in the bid schedule must be covered in the measurement subsection (XXXX.80) and payment subsection (XXXX.90) of the Standard Specification or the Special Provisions for your project.
  • Make every attempt possible to use standard bid items.  Contractors and field construction personnel are most familiar with them.
  • Look for the bid item you need in the standard specification and/or special provisions section that corresponds to that item of work.  The standard bid item list on the ODOT Specifications webpage is an additional place to locate bid items.
  • Use miscellaneous or non-standard (9Z9) bid items only in situations where no standard bid item exists.  Remember that using miscellaneous bid items will require you to write special provisions to address materials, construction, measurement and payment.
  • Avoid using non-standard lump sum bid items.
  • Avoid the temptation to make measurable items of work incidental to another bid item.  Incidental items can make it difficult to calculate the cost of a bid item, it distorts the bid history for that bid item and can encourage unbalanced bidding.  During administration of the contract it can be difficult to actually show the Contractor they are getting paid for work, or in trying to get the Contractor to respond to the direction of the Project Manager.
  • Too many incidental items included in bid items. General rule of thumb is if costs of incidentals are more than 3% of bid item, incidentals should be broken out and made into separate pay items.

3. Traffic Section has not signed off on Signal plans. (State Traffic Engineer must sign off on all Signal plans. This should be done prior to submitting the PS&E package to the office of Pre-Letting.)
4.  PD-02 Exception Letter is not signed by the ODOT Technical Services Manager and Highway Division Administrator at PS&E. (If there are incomplete items in the project, getting signatures on a PD-02 Exception Letter can really slow down the PS&E process. See Operational Notice PD-02).

5.  Latest Special Provision Boiler Plate updates are not incorporated into the Special Provisions (Updates are on our website at http://cms.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/SPECS/Pages/updates.aspx). 
6.  Changes have been made to the 100 Special Provisions without the approval of Dan Anderson, Specifications Engineer. (Certification statement on our website at http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/SEOPL/docs/forms/pe_certification.doc )
7.  Plan Sheet index incomplete or missing plan sheets. (Remember to list all required Standard Drawings on your index sheet. We recommend using sheet 1A for an index sheet so changes to index do not require new signatures on title sheet.)
8.  Name of project throughout the plans and specs (including section 00120.05) does not match the STIP project name.

9.  Project not adequately funded. (In this case we need Area Managers approval to proceed authorizing the extra funds.) 
10. No approved Letter of Public Interest Finding when salvaging items or providing materials to Contractors. (Examples and templates are on our website at http://oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/OPL/Pages/manuals_forms_etc.aspx#Templates )
11.  No approved Letter of Approval for Anticipated Items for anticipated items in the bid items or an approved revised Letter of Approval for Anticipated Items for an increased anticipated item (Templates are on our website at http://oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/OPL/Pages/manuals_forms_etc.aspx#Templates).

12.  Gray scale, shading and photos included on the mylars (See the CPDG Manual for more).


The Office of Pre-Letting would be happy to meet with you to discuss your project prior to submitting your PS&E package to make the process as smooth as possible.
For Pre-Letting questions please contact the OPL Manager, Larry McKinley