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Manuals, Guides, Forms and Publications


User Guides/Technical Bulletins 

Technical Guidance (Directives, Bulletins, Advisories)
Commonly Used Acronyms  
NOTE:  The most current versions of the following guidelines can be found at the Project Delivery Unit's Operational Notices web page.

Operational Policy between PS&E Submittal and Bid Opening (PD-07)
Operation Policy Between Bid Opening and Contract Award (PD-08)
Project Development Decision Structure (PD-02


A guide to "Who Signs What"  
Letter of Public Interest Findings (LPIF) Guidance  
RD07-05(B) - Salvaging Features and Excess Materials Associated with Transportation Projects by Contract Specification 
RD09-03(A) - Technical Advisory for Buy America Procedures for Federally Funded Projects


Bid Price Evaluation 
Engineers Estimate Policy 
Federal Guidelines, Preparing EE, Bid Reviews & Evaluations 
Trns·port Estimator® Data Entry Guideline   Link to Appendix 1


DOJ Exemption Letter 

FHWA Approval for 2008 Standard Specifications

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Addenda Letter  (originally approved in Technical Bulletin RD07-07(B) and now incorporated in the PS&E Delivery Manual)
Prepare addenda letters 
Final PS&E Submittal / Final PS&E Completeness Checklist  
Use when submitting PS&E packages for advertisement and bid 
      Final PS&E Submittal/Completeness Checklist and PS&E Delivery Manual Comments

Pre-Letting Internal Checklist  


Clearing & Grubbing Worksheets Which Includes:
Clearing and Grubbing (sheet 1)
Removal of Structures & Obstructions (sheet 2)  

Fuel Escalation Worksheet V3.01 (Used with Estimator V3.01) (Updated 12/05/2013)
Note:  Specification writers MUST review the V3.01 instructions prior to use of this version.

Instructions for V3.01 (For use with latest release of Estimator) (Updated  12/05/2013)
Note:  Additional questions related to use of new release - contact John Riedl, PE (503) 986-3886.

Standard Construction Production Rates 
Production Rates for Scheduling
Steel Escalation/De-Escalation Worksheet 
Determine Pay Items to List in 00195.12
(contact ODOT's Cost Estimating Unit for form help) 



Addenda Letter (doc) (originally approved in Technical Bulletin RD07-07(B) and now incorporated in the PS&E Delivery Manual)
Prepare addenda letters 
Bid Booklet/Special Provisions Document Assembly (2008) 
Initial assembly of the project special provisions based on the 2008 Standard Specifications
Class of Work (blue sheet)   (Instructions)
Determine the class or work
Civil Rights Request for Goals 
[Was "DBE/OJT Civil Rights Sheet (yellow sheet)"]
Use to request DBE/OJT numbers 

Project Special Provision Checklist    
Special Provision Certification 
Update and DOJ Certification 

Special Provision Summary Form 
Form No. 734-2798 

Technical Resource List   (Formerly called Technical Expert List)
Standard Specifications/Special Provisions Technical Contacts 

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Letter of Approval for Anticipated Items (AI)
Template: AI Template
Requested Items
Third Party Inspection
Letter of Public Interest Findings (LPIF)
Template: LPIF Template for Salvaged Materials
LPIF Template for All Other LPIF
LPIF Template for Projects Post Award
LPIF & AI Template for the Programmatic Separate Contract Agreement
Resources: LPIF Guidance
LPIF & AI Programmatic Request
LPIF & AI Programmatic Approval
Request Types
Requested Items
Publicly Owned Equipment CACC Sec II.C.4.a
Contractor Purchased Equipment for State Ownership CACC Sec II.C.4.b
Patented Products
Proprietary Products
23 CFR 635.411
V-Loc Breakaway Post Anchor
Sole Source Materials
23 CFR 635.411

Rain Bird Manufactured Pop-Up Spray Heads

Electrical Vaults & Lamp Pole Foundations

Striping Pattern

Programmatic - ITS Proprietary Products
23 CFR 635.411
Network Equipment & RWIS Camera
State Furnished Materials
23 CFR 635.407

Seed Mix, Straw, Timber Rails 

Tubular Markers

Bridge Debris from demolition of structures and excess fill

Mandatory Disposal Site

Slip Rental

Salvaged Materials CACC Sec II.C.6 Structural Steel Plate Girders
Separate Contract
ORS 279C.300

Tree Removal

Unexploded Ordnance Construction Support Observation

Third Party Inspection

City forces pereforming construction surverying

Programmatic - Separate Contract
ORS 279C.300
Post Award Depends on Request Type 
Please visit the Public Interest Finding website to view additional LPIF.
PD-02 Exception Letter
Template: PD-02 Exception Letter Template
Resources: PD-02 Operational Notice
PS&E Calculator
Examples: Original Request Revised Request
PD-02 Exception Letter PD-02 Exception Letter
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Bid Schedule

For the public:
The 12 Month Contractor’s Schedule of Contract Lettings (bid schedule), is available on the ODOT Procurement Office (OPO) - Construction Contracts Unit's Letting Schedules website.  The 12 Month Contractor’s Schedule of Contract Lettings is updated on the second Friday of every month.  This is a tentative schedule of projects ODOT plans to advertise, not the advertisement.  For a list of advertised projects, go to the OPO - Construction Contracts Unit's Notice to Contrators website.
For internal ODOT employees (only):
The Bid Date Planning and Status Master Report (bid schedule) has been removed from the Office of Project Letting (OPL) TransNet website. If you are an internal ODOT employee and require access to the Bid Date Planning and Status Master Report, please submit a request to the ODOT Pre-Letting mailbox.

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ODOT Resources

Manuals, guides, forms and publications for ODOT staff members are now available on the "Resources" page of the new OPL TransNet web site.
NOTE:  The follow link is for Internal ODOT employees.  Any attempt to open this link outside the ODOT network will fail.




PS&E Calculator

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Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes Version 2.8
- Estimator Updates Class
- New Fuel Escalation Form  
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