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Flood Insurance Premium Reimbursement Process
Flood Insurance Premium Reimbursement Process
Effective October 2010, ODOT began reimbursing eligible property owners for their flood insurance premiums. Reimbursements will continue each year the I-84 Sandy River bridge project is under construction.

I don't have flood insurance yet. What should I do?
Contact your insurance agent to determine if they complete flood insurance applications. If your agent does not, you can search for one that does online at www.floodsmart.gov. The Floodsmart website also provides information about the National Flood Insurance Program rules, regulations and procedures for mapping and map changes.
The insurance agent you identify insurance agent will help you complete a flood insurance application. 
An elevation certificate is required as part of your application to verify the finished floor elevation of buildings on your property. If your property is in a potentially affected area, you should have received an elevation certification in 2010. If you don’t have an elevation certificate, ODOT will survey your property with your permission and will provide the certificate to you at no charge. Please call BreanaLandman (503) 471-6818 to arrange for a survey of your property.
Once your agent has the flood insurance quote, submit a copy of the application, the quote and proof of payment (or your agent’s invoice if you can’t pay the full premium) to HCOSRI, PO Box 812, Troutdale, OR 97060. This material can be sent by either you or your insurance agent.  
Proof of payment accepted:
  • Copy of check payment.
  • Payment clearance statement issued by bank or credit union.
  • Statement or receipt of credit or debit card payment.
  • A "paid" invoice or statement from agent.
Reimbursement will be approved upon verifcation that your property is within the potentially affected area.
Upon verification, you or your insurance agent should receive a check within 15 to 30 days for the full annual premium.

Flood insurance renewal information
Each year when you renew your policy, please send ODOT a copy of the policy declaration page showing the policy dates, covered address, premium, insurance amounts, etc. and proof of payment to HCOSRI, PO Box 812, Troutdale, OR 97060. ODOT will reimburse your annual premium.
When it’s time to renew your policy, ask your insurance agent to send a copy of the policy declaration page and an invoice for the annual premium to HCOSRI, PO Box 812, Troutdale, OR 97060. ODOT will reimburse your insurance premium directly to your agent.

For more information about the National Flood Insurance Program
For most general questions regarding the National Flood Insurance Program, including questions about regulations and insurance, please call the Federal Emergency Management Agency Map Information Exchange (FMIX) at 1-877-336-2627. You may also call the NFIP Help Line at 1-888-379-9531. 
If the Flood Smart or NFIP staff are unable to answer your questions please call:
  • Denise Atkinson at (425) 487-4677 for questions about FEMA regulations.
  • Jeff Woodward at (425) 487-4664 for flood insurance-related questions.
  • Your insurance agent for insurance policy questions and rates.
The FEMA and NFIP websites are also very valuable sources of information. They can be found at: