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TV Highway Safety Project at SW 185th Avenue


ODOT is designing a 2015 project on TV Highway (OR 8) in Aloha to improve safety for people driving, walking, biking and taking transit between 182nd Avenue and 187th Avenue. 

** Thank you to those who have shared feedback with us.  We appreciate the conversations and encourage these conversations to continue.  We expect to hold another public meeting in January 2015, but feel free to contact us anytime.**

Project fact sheet (updated Sept. 2014)

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What’s the problem?
The crash rate in this section of TV Highway is very high, and is one of the top safety concerns in Washington County. Between 2008-2012, there were 137 crashes and 56% of those resulted in injuries. The most significant safety concern is the high number of rear-end and turning crashes on TV Highway on either side of around 185th Avenue. Safety issues have also been identified on TV Highway at 192 Avenue and these may be addressed within the same project.
Although some of the crashes may be related to congestion in the intersection area, many crashes are happening outside commute hours when the intersection is not as congested. Rather than reducing congestion through expensive and impactful highway widening, ODOT plans to increase safety by minimizing vehicle conflicts.
The top safety concerns identified in the area are:
** Numerous driveways/accesses and cross streets in close proximity to 185th and 192nd Avenues.  Motorists turning left in and out of these driveways and streets create a high conflict potential

** Poor visibility of roadway, traffic signals and signage due to short sight distance and old, poorly placed signs

** Transit stops in locations that cause backups and unpredictable driving patterns
What are the proposed solutions?
* Allow U-turns on TV Highway at 185th Avenue in both directions 
Safety benefit: motorists will be able to use signalized U-turns to safely make their turning movements.

* Install a raised traffic separator on TV Highway from 182nd to 187th Avenues.  All turns will still be available at the 185th and 187th Avenue intersections.  Left turns will be permitted into 182nd Avenue and the west driveway of Aloha Mall, but will be restricted to only right turns out onto TV Highway.
Safety benefit: eliminate crashes due to left-turn conflicts.

* Add pedestrian countdown signals on TV Highway at 185th Avenue and additional lighting in the project area
Safety benefit: pedestrians will have more accurate information and be able to see and be seen better.

* Improve signage and add supplemental signal heads on TV Highway
Safety benefit: improve driver expectation by providing clearer information.

* Move the bus stops in both directions to the far-side of the TV Highway/185th Avenue intersection and build bus pull-outs
Safety benefit: Improve signal operation & traffic flow and reduce rear-end crashes.
* Reconfigure the right turn from northbound 185th Avenue to eastbound TV Highway to a standard “T” intersection
Safety benefit: reduce crashes in intersection and improve pedestrian safety
TV Highway in the vicinity of 185th Avenue has been a top 5% Safety Priority Index System (SPIS) site for over ten years. SPIS is a tool ODOT uses to screen the state highway network and identify locations that have significant safety concerns. Locations are then ranked based on the frequency, rate and severity of crashes over a three-year period. Those locations in the top 5% are investigated further for mitigation options. The best candidates for safety projects are typically sites that rank high in terms of cost-effectiveness and mitigation options.

What’s been done so far?

ODOT conducted a Road Safety Audit (RSA) in December 2011 on this section of TV Highway. An RSA is a formal safety evaluation by a multi-disciplinary team, considering the safety of all road users. The team spent two days on-site driving, walking and biking each movement and observing driver behavior and congestion.
The objective of the RSA is to identify potential safety issues, assess the safety risks and recommend solutions to mitigate the risks. The RSA team was composed of ODOT staff from various disciplines, Washington County staff, and emergency services. The RSA report includes detailed safety problems and solutions.
For more information, to provide comments or be added to the mailing list
contact Lili Boicourt, ODOT Community Affairs
PH: 503-731-8247; Email: Lili.D.Boicourt@odot.state.or.us