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Hayden Island Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP)
Draft I-5: Hayden Island Interchange Area Management Plan Available for Review

In early 2014, without the necessary funding in place to move the project to construction, the Columbia River Crossing project began closing down, and was completely closed in May of that year.  For more information, please see the March 7, 2014, statement from ODOT Director Matthew Garrett. 

The I-5: Hayden Island IAMP was developed in conjunction with the Columbia River Crossing project (CRC) and the Hayden Island Plan, which has been adopted by the City of Portland. The IAMP reflects the CRC project design as of Nov. 25, 2009. The design of the interchange and Hayden Island streets that form a functional part of the interchange may be modified to reduce project costs and to respond to comments from the community. Recognizing the potential for design and alignment modifications, the Hayden Island IAMP does not make specific property access recommendations. Those determinations will be made once the location and design of the interchange have been selected.
Based on comments received from the public, ODOT has made some changes to the Draft IAMP.  
A copy of the document and appendices can be accessed by clicking on the links below. Please note that file sizes are large and download may take several minutes.
I-5: Hayden Island Draft IAMP - Revised as of April 20, 2010
Appendix A - Hayden Island Plan
Appendix B - Circulation Scenario Traffic Analyses - Revised as of April 20, 2010
Appendix C - Circulation Scenario Evaluation - Revised as of April 20, 2010 
Appendix D - Access Management Zone Proposals - Revised as of April 20, 2010
Appendix E - Access Concepts for N. Hayden Island Drive & Avenue B - Revised as of April 20, 2010
Appendix F - Findings - Revised as of April 20, 2010 
Comments on the Hayden Island IAMP may be sent to HaydenIslandFeedback@odot.state.or.us. Comments may also be mailed to:
I-5: Hayden Island IAMP
c/o Talia Jacobson 
ODOT Region 1
123 NW Flanders St.
Portland, OR  97209

Project Overview

Hayden Island IAMP Displays

**In October 2009, ODOT, in conjunction with the Columbia River Crossing project office, held an Open House focused on the Hayden Island Interchange Area Management Plan.
Those who were unable to attend the Open House can view the project displays below:
To see the Hayden Island IAMP decision process, click here.
To view a traffic circulation map around the interchange following construction, click here.
To see the Hayden Island access management plan, click here.
To view the study area for the Hayden Island IAMP, click here.
Click here to see a printable project newsletter from October 2009.

The Oregon Department of Transportation developed the Hayden Island Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) in conjunction with the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) project. This work was also undertaken in cooperation with the City of Portland. The CRC project looked at reconstructing the I-5 bridge between Oregon and Washington. The Hayden Island IAMP will address the transportation and land use issues associated with proposed improvements to the Hayden Island Interchange.

Purpose of the IAMP

The purpose of an IAMP is to ensure safe and efficient operations between connecting roadways, to protect the function of the interchange, and to minimize the need for future major interchange improvements. It is required by law for any new or significantly reconstructed interchange (OAR 734-051-0155.6). Because new interchanges are very costly, state and local governments, as well as citizens, have an interest in ensuring interchanges function as intended for as long a period as possible, while still supporting planned land use.
IAMP Goals and Objectives
The goals of the CRC Hayden Island IAMP are to:
• Ensure safe and efficient operations of I-5 and Hayden Island local streets in the long-term
• Balance the needs of the Hayden Island community with the needs of the traveling public
• Create safe accesses for local businesses and property owners that are as convenient as possible
• Support the vision laid out in the City of Portland’s Hayden Island Plan
• Consider current land uses and the potential for future development
• Keep traffic moving smoothly on roads that connect the different parts of the interchange
Who is Affected by the Hayden Island IAMP
• Hayden Island residents and businesses
• Hayden Island visitors
• Hayden Island workers

Contact Information
Talia Jacobson, ODOT Planner

For additional questions about the CRC project, please contact: