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Oregon 569 (Beltline Highway): River Road to Coburg Road Facility Plan: Overview
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The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), City of Eugene, and Lane County are working together to prepare the Oregon 569 Beltline Facility Plan - River Road to Coburg Road.  Originally serving rural Lane County, this four mile section of Beltline Highway was not designed to carry the volume of traffic it serves today, resulting in congestion and safety constraints.  At current traffic levels, or as traffic volumes increase in the future, this segment will continue to experience congestion, vehicle conflicts, or other safety issues at  River Road, River Avenue, Division Street, the Willamette River Bridge, the Delta Highway, and Coburg Road .

This planning process will identify areas of concerns, evaluate alternative solutions, and implement strategies, with the end purpose of developing recommendations for long-range improvements (20+ years) to the functionality of the Beltline Highway between River Road and Coburg Road.



Facility Plan Current Status
Phase 1 – Background Information
Completed in October 2008, the first phase of a three-phase planning effort gathered background information and defined problems based on technical research and community input. A problem statement detailing what was found is located in the project library and lays the groundwork for the second planning phase.  
Phase 2 – Facility Plan
The second phase completed in December 2010, which generated and evaluated potential solutions for the Beltline Highway from River Road to Coburg Road. With help from the public and local stakeholders, ODOT, the City of Eugene, and Lane County developed several viable ideas for detailed consideration. Ten concepts were developed and evaluated for their ability to meet criteria established by our Steering Committee, Stakeholder Committee, and Project Management Team. These ten concepts were then narrowed to four for further study in phase 3.  This information is packaged in the draft Beltline Facility Plan.
Phase 3 – Interchange Area Management Plan (for incorporation in the Facility Plan)
The last planning phase kicked off in January of 2013 and will focus on more detailed analysis for the remaining four concepts.  This phase will determine which solutions to move into the environmental analysis required for a future construction project.  This will closely examine the four remaining alternatives, further narrow, and examine policy based guidance surrounding the River Road, River Avenue/Division Ave, and Delta interchanges.  This phase will conclude early 2014. 
Next Steps
Once the Beltline Plan is complete in 2014, ODOT will work with the City of Eugene and Lane County to co-adopt the Plan.   Once the Plan is adopted, ODOT will begin the environmental phase (NEPA) of the project process.