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US 101 Newport South Beach
The City of Newport and ODOT have been working on an update of the Newport Transportation System Plan (TSP).  That work resulted in adoption of a TSP update for the area between US 20 and Yaquina Bay Bridge, and to address bicycle and pedestrian needs.  Work has continued on the future issues in the South Beach area because significant economic development is anticipated and the transportation system has substantial limitations.  The resulting traffic growth is expected to result in high traffic congestion in the future.  The street improvements called for in the South Beach Urban Renewal Plan are critical new components of the system, but the capacity of the Yaquina Bay Bridge is expected to be a major constraint in the operation of the transportation system.  In order to address these issues, alternate mobility standards are being considered for US-101 between the Yaquina Bay Bridge and South 62nd Street.

Public Involvement

Opportunities for public involvement are being provided through information sessions and public open houses.
Information Sessions
The first information session was held February 28, 2011 at a joint meeting of the Newport and Lincoln County Planning Commissions.  A second information session occurred June 27, 2011 at a Newport Planning Commission meeting.  A third session is intended to be held with the Lincoln County Planning Commission but is not scheduled yet.
Open Houses
Three Open Houses are part of the project development process.  Open House #1 was held at the Newport City Hall on May 5, 2011.  Information describing the future transportation problem was presented.  The public was asked to provide thoughts about the problem and to prioritize concerns.
Open House #2 was held at City Hall on July 27, 2011.  Information about future transportation projects considered to be feasible projects were presented that would improve the local street system and the operation of US 101.  A technique to coordinate land development and transportation projects using trip budgets also was presented at the conceptual level.

Open House #3 was held on May 24, 2012 at City Hall.  The Open House provided an opportunity to review and comment on proposed changes to Newport’s Transportation Systems Plan, Comprehensive Plan, and Municipal Code, and changes to the Oregon Highway Plan. 
Public Hearings
After the May 24, 2012 Open House, the public hearings process will begin.  Public hearings before the Newport Planning Commission and City Council will be held to consider adoption of amendments to Newport’s planning provisions.  When Newport has adopted the amendments, the Oregon Transportation Commission will hold a public hearing to consider amendments to the Oregon Highway Plan.  Adoption of the amendments by the Commission would result in alternate mobility standards for US-101 in the South Beach area.

Commission Meetings

The Newport Planning Commission received briefings on the proposed changes to the City's Transportation Plan and development ordinances on June 25, July 9 and July 23, 2012 during regularly scheduled meetings.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing on the matter at its August 27, 2012 meeting and recommended approval of the proposed changes to the Newport City Council.  The City Council received a briefing on the proposed changes on September 17, 2012.  The Council begins its hearing on the proposed changes on October 15, 2012. 

Project Library


May 24, 2012 Public Open House


Open House News Release

Open House Displays

 Proposed Newport TSP (Handout #1)
 South Beach Overlay Zone (Handout #2)
 South Beach Trip Budget (Handout #3)
 Other Proposed Code Amendments (Handout #4)


May 4, 2011 Public Open House
Open House Summary 
Background Information Presentation
Open House Power Point 
Comment Form
July 27, 2011 Public Open House 
Open House News Release
Open House Display Boards 
Comment Form 
Project Advisory Committee (July 2011)
Briefing Paper on Alternate Mobility Standards for the South Beach Area of Newport
Biological/Wetland Review (Tech Memo #10)
2030 Baseline System (Tech Memo #11)
Analysis of South Beach Land Use Scenarios (Tech Memo #12)
Draft Summary of Measures of Effectiveness (Draft Tech Memo #13)
Problem Statement: Newport South Beach Facility Plan (Tech Memo #14)
Review Plans, Policies, Regulations, and Standards: Newport South Beach Facility Plan (Tech Memo #15)
Identify and Assess Alternate Mobility Standard Options (Tech Memo #16)
Preliminary Recommendations: Alternate Mobility Standards (Tech Memo #17) 

Public: John G. deTar, Senior Region Planner (541) 757-4159
Media: Rick Little, Public Information Officer (541) 726-2442