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Fern Valley Interchange

Fall 2014


April 2014




Aesthetic Design links:
Fern Valley Interchange Bridge and I-5
View from Greenway to Fern Valley Road 




The Federal Highway Administration approved its Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Fern Valley Interchange project last year. This action follows release of the Environmental Assessment in the winter of 2010 after six years of project development. A local team, with the help of landscape architect developed aesthetic features for the two bridges in the interchange area taking into account the local landscape and the influence of the pear growing industry.
The Environmental Assessment findings and supporting documents are linked below.

Click here to see the latest overall design file
Click here to see the Fern Valley Interchange Environmental Assessment 

The Fern Valley Interchange, located at Interstate 5 exit 24, experiences traffic congestion throughout the day, especially during the morning and afternoon commute. New and proposed development on the east side of I-5, as well as development growth within the Rogue Valley, are choking the interchange's capacity and causing safety concerns.
The $73 million project is scheduled to begin construction in 2013. The Fern Valley interchange is expected to be constructed using a 'crossing' or 'diverging diamond' design that provides a higher capacity to move traffic while requiring lower right-of-way needs.
The Missouri Department of Transportation was the first agency to construct a diverging diamond interchange in the United States. This interchange design can be constructed for a relatively smaller price tag than more conventional designs, and is safer because there are fewer conflicting moves. Vehicles crossing the interchange move to the opposite side of the road to either enter I-5 or to cross it, reducing the number of traffic signal cycles for traffic to clear.
Project design background
The project's design phase started in 2004 and went through a major overhaul in 2006 when local opposition rose against plans to widen Highway 99 in Phoenix. The "Fern Valley Through" design alternative was eliminated late last year, on the counsel of the Department of Justice, because it would have an adverse impact on nearby farm land.

Fern Valley Interchange Timeline
October 2010           Environmental Assessment published
February 2011          PDT recommends Build Alternative
                                 City of Phoenix Approves IAMP
June 2011                 Federal Highway signs the FONSI 

October 2013           Project goes to Contract
Early 2014                Construction Begins
2016                         Construction Complete    

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Fern Valley Interchange Environmental Assessment
EA Cover.pdf
Table of Contents.pdf
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations.pdf

Executive Summary.pdf 
Executive Summary (Spanish).pdf
Ch 1 Purpose and Need.pdf

Ch 2 Project Alternatives.pdf
Ch 3 Env Impacts-Mitigation.pdf
Ch 4 Mitigation.pdf
Ch 5 Public Involvement.pdf
Ch 6 References.pdf

Interchange Area Management Plan

ODOT developed this Interchange Area Management Plan (IAMP) to comply with the
ODOT policy to prepare such plans for significant modifications to existing interchanges.
Appendix B contains the administrative rule that includes the policy.  ODOT adopted the
policy as a way to maximize the value the people of Oregon receive from the large
expenditure of tax dollars required to construct a new interchange. This reflects ODOT's
elevated fiduciary responsibility that has resulted from the increasing scarcity of public
funds for transportation investments relative to need. It also reflects a more thorough
understanding of the relationships between transportation facilities and land use and
between local and state transportation networks. Together, these changes have also
increased the importance of collaboration between ODOT and the communities like the
City of Phoenix in which its transportation network is located.
In light of the purpose of the proposed new Fern Valley Interchange and the policy to
prepare IAMPs referred to above, the purposes of this IAMP are to:

  •  Preserve the capacity of the proposed interchange for at least the first 20 years of its design life and the capacity of N. Phoenix Road, Fern Valley Road, and OR 99
    in the vicinity of the interchange.
  •  Ensure the safe and efficient operation of the interchange and these roadways and protect their functional integrity, operations, and safety. 
Final Interchange Area Management Plan:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Management Measures (12 MB)
Chapter 3 Findings
Appendices A-D
Appendices E-F (14 MB)
Appendices G-J (11 MB)
Draft Transportation Facilities Ordinance
Draft Trip Budget Development Code
Setback Ordinance
Trip Reduction Ordinance
Street Classification Map 




February 2011

FVI Agenda
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Phoenix Business Association Concepts
Department of Justice memo
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FVI Draft Minutes CAC-PDT   
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FVI CAC-PDT Joint Meeting Agenda
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Fern Valley Interchange Newsletter - Winter/Spring 2007
Fern Valley Thru 
March 10, 2006
Josephine County Commissionerss Support for Environmental Assessment
February 2006
Environmental Assessment Process Overview 

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