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Barr Road Quarry (Site N)
Current News
The Barr Road Quarry federal application process and environmental study are complete.  One of the stipulations required by BLM for use of the quarry is to install fencing and gates along Barr Road.  This work is scheduled to begin in late March or early April, and be completed this spring.
This website will be updated as more specific information becomes available.

Key Project Components

  • Development of a high quality rock source in the Cline Buttes area for use on state highway projects.
  • The quarry site is located west of Barr Road on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and is approximately 105 acres in size.  It is adjacent to an existing 30 acre cinder pit.
  • Exploration in the area has revealed a high quality rock source that could produce approximately three million tons of aggregate and could last 20 years.
  • Having a public rock source allows more contractors to bid for state highway projects, in turn allowing the State to receive the most competitive bids possible, and the taxpayers to get the best transportation value for their tax dollar.

Resource Materials:
Printable Information Paper and Vicinity Map (updated September 13, 2010)
November 2008 Information Paper 
Updated Vicinity Map - November 2008                   
Frequently Asked Questions (updated September 13, 2010)
Project History and Timeline (updated September 13, 2010)
Watch a short video about the Barr Road Quarry (.wmv 17MB)

Maintaining and constructing highways requires high quality sources of aggregate materials.  More than 90% of a highway consists of rock or soil products.    Sources of aggregate, an essential road building material, are an integral part of ODOT’s mission “To provide safe, efficient transportation systems to support economic development and livability for Oregonians”. 
The Cline Buttes area is proximate to several highways: OR 126, US 97 and US 20.  Development of a material source in the area would ensure a long-term supply of materials needed for maintenance and construction of highways in the Bend-Redmond-Sisters area. 
Through extensive studies conducted in the 1990’s, this area was identified as an area in great need of an aggregate supply.  Of all of the sites considered in the study, Site N is the only remaining viable public rock source in the Cline Buttes area.  This site is within an area that is available for the development of mineral materials per the BLM's Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan (UDRMP) Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision completed in 2005 (see page 87 and Map 8 of the UDRMP) and the Cline Buttes Recreation Area Plan and Environmental Assessment, 2010.  Other alternative sites proposed for development by ODOT were eliminated from consideration through the UDRMP process and decision.
Site specific environmental studies were conducted in the Barr Road Quarry area by ODOT in 2006 and 2007.  These studies included:  archeology, wildlife, threatened and endangered species, socio-economics, air quality, water quality, erosion, and visuals. 
ODOT sets specific contractual operating conditions for development and use of quarry sites.  These conditions include: dust control plans and dust abatement, adherence to noise standards, blasting safety and protection measures, site-specific erosion and pollution control plans, long-term site safety measures, and concurrent development and reclamation efforts.

1992-2006 - ODOT conducted many studies to identify and address the aggregate need in Central Oregon.  These efforts included significant public involvement and environmental studies.  The most recent of these efforts was the BLM Environmental Impact Statement for the Upper Deschutes Resource Management Plan.
Fall 2007 - ODOT made an application through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for use of Barr Road Quarry (Site N) as a source of aggregate materials for public road projects.
Summer 2008 – ODOT submitted additional application materials to FHWA.  This reduced the size of the quarry site from 200 to approximately 105 acres.
Summer 2010 - The application process was finalized.  The land remains the property of the BLM, but ODOT acquires the ability to use the site to mine and process aggregate materials for use on public road projects.  ODOT developed a reclamation plan and other documents necessary to permit the site through the Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI). 
Winter 2010 - BLM stipulations require ODOT to install fencing and gates along Barr Road before the quarry can be used.  This work is expected to be done during the winter of 2010/2011.


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