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U.S. 20 at Barclay Drive (Sisters)
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Open House Presentation Materials Available
The Oregon Department of Transportation and the City of Sisters hosted an informational open house on April 14, 2015 at Sisters City Hall.  Over eighty people attended.  The purpose was to update the community on the proposed roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive.  The open house presentation and a link to the video on the truck testing of the proposed design can be found below.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project is to improve safety, mobility, and access at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive located just west of the City of Sisters downtown area.
This proposed project, as outlined in the City of Sisters Transportation System Plan (TSP), involves designing and constructing a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive and McKinney Butte Road.
Constructing a roundabout rather than a signal will reduce conflicts among vehicles, bicyclist and pedestrians while improving traffic flow for all users, including freight. It will also improve access to and from the Barclay/Locust alternate route and provide an aesthetically pleasing gateway into the City of Sisters and Central Oregon.
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Need for the Project

The performance of Highway 20 (U.S. 20/OR 126) as a corridor is one of the most significant transportation issues being faced by the City of Sisters.
According to the City of Sisters TSP adopted in January 2010, this intersection does not currently meet jurisdictional operating standards for both volume-to-capacity and safety conditions.  In fact there have been recent serious crashes at the intersection and there is great concern for school related pedestrian safety.
Based on the TSP analysis, intersection failure occurs due to delays experienced by Barclay Drive traffic.  In other words, delays are caused by the high volume of through traffic on U.S. 20 and the resulting lack of available gaps for Barclay Drive traffic to enter or cross the U.S. 20 traffic stream.  Also a high level of truck traffic likely affects highway performance at this intersection.
Design Criteria
The design should support one of the key focuses of the Motor Vehicle Improvement Plan in the City’s TSP. This project should be considered an initial phase for implementation of the TSP’s alternate route around downtown Sisters during peak periods of congestion.
Preferred intersection improvements at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive will support the Oregon Highway Plan, by including the following considerations:
  • Geometric design for serving and accommodating truck traffic;
  • Cost comparisons of traffic signal versus roundabout, including construction and operations/maintenance;
  • Economic and business viability, especially during construction;
  • Safety and access of pedestrian crossings;
  • Safety and access of bicycle movements;
  • Potential for motor vehicle queuing from downtown to extend into the roundabout
  • Intersection capacity, including potential alternative measures of congestion and mobility
  • Construction phasing including consideration of interim improvements transitioning to the long-term decision for signal or roundabout;
  • Compliance with the American with Disabilities Act; and
  • Storm water quantity and quality
Development of the right solution at this intersection will require close coordination with the freight industry.

Public Involvement

The City of Sisters, with the cooperation of ODOT, has done a great deal of public involvement, planning and preliminary design for a roundabout at U.S. 20 and Barclay Drive.  The City has indicated that their strong preference is for a roundabout at this intersection as a long-term solution.  They have secured funding for a roundabout through the Central Oregon Area Commission on Transportation, and together ODOT and the City are working on a proposed design.
ODOT and the City are continuing the process of hearing from stakeholders regarding this proposed project. A final decision has yet to be made on the proposed design, which is slated for construction in late 2016.  We are discussing the impact of the proposed project with affected parties to gain a fuller understanding of its potential impact to local landowners, business owners, motorists, freight industry, cargo haulers and other service providers.

Funding and Schedule

The project is scheduled to receive approximately $2 million in construction funding from the soon to be revised 2015-2018 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.
Design​ ​2013-2016
​Bid Let ​late summer/early fall 2016
​Construction ​fall/winter 2016/2017

Project Materials


​Name ​Title ​Phone ​Email Address
​Mike Darling ​Project Leader, ODOT ​541-388-6329 charles.m.darling@odot.state.or.us
​Paul Bertagna ​Public Works Director, Sisters ​541-323-5213 pbertagna@ci.sisters.or.us
​Gary Farnsworth ​Area Manager, ODOT ​541-388-6071 gary.c.farnsworth@odot.state.or.us
​Rex Holloway ​Community Liaison, ODOT ​541-388-6178 rex.a.holloway@odot.state.or.us