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Utility Relocation Program OAR's
OAR 734
Oregon Administrative Rule, Utility Program
Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 734, Division 55
Pole Lines, Buried Cables, Pipe Lines, Sings, Miscellaneous Facilities and Miscellaneous Operation.
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734-055-0005 Scope
734-055-0010 Definition of Terms
734-055-0015 Permit Application Procedure
734-055-0020 Allocation of Cost
734-055-0025 Liability and Control
734-055-0035 Insurance and Bond
734-055-0040 Construction and Location Details
734-055-0045 Removal, Relocation or Repair
734-055-0050 Maintenance and Operation
734-055-0055 Other Agencies
734-055-0060 Effective Period of Permit
734-055-0070 Conformance with Regulations and Industry Codes
734-055-0080 Freeways
734-055-0090 Specific Construction Details
734-055-0100 Permit Allowing Open Cut of Road Surface
734-055-0110 Special "X" Permits

OAR 952
Oregon Administrative Rule, Oregon Utility Notification Center
Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 952, Division 1
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952-001-0010 Definitions
952-001-0020 Project Plans to Notify Excavator or Requirements of Law
952-001-0030 Permits to Notify Excavator of Requirements of Law
952-001-0040 Pre-Marking Required by the Excavator; Exemption
952-001-0050 Excavator to Give Notice of Proposed Work; Exemption
952-001-0060 When Excavator May Give Less Than Forty-Eight (48) Business Day Hour Notice
952-001-0070 Operators to Mark Underground Facilities or Notify Excavator That None Exist
952-001-0080 Operators to Respond to Notifications Requesting Design Information
952-001-0090 Delay of Excavation Until Response from Facility Operators; Duty of Excavator to  Use Reasonable Care; Damage to Facilites
952-001-0100 Record Keeping Requirements