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Road User Fee Task Force
Dec. 21, 2004  
Nov. 19, 2004 
May 14, 2004 
Nov. 21, 2003 
Feb. 14, 2003 
Nov. 15, 2002  
  • Minutes 
  • RUFTF Pilot Test Program Legislation: LC 1105 
  • VMT Fee Implementation: Cost Matrix Summary
  • VMT Fee Implementation: Matrix of Potential Methods and Capital Cost Implications
  • VMT Fee Implementation: Matrix of Potential Methods and Operating Cost Implications
  • VMT Fee Implementation: Matrix of Potential Methods and Policy Implications
  • Memo: Costs of Auditing VMT Fee at Fuel Pump
  • DMV Cost Estimates for VMT Fee Collection
  • Staff Recommended Adjustments to RUFTF Recommendations to Legislative Assembly
  • Technology Evaluation for Implementation of Vehicle Miles Traveled Based Revenue Collection Systems, Final Report, by professors David Kim, David Porter, and Robin Wurl
  • Insititutional Options for VMT Data and Fee Collection Centers, Final Report, Professor Anthony Rufolo, Portland State University
  • Data Transmission Options for VMT Data and Fee Collections Centers, Final Report, Professor Robert Bertini, Portland State University
  • Pilot Test Program for VMT Fee
  • Evaluation Criteria for Pilot Test Program
  • Description: Safety Violation Fee
  • Description: Indexing of Gas Tax for Fuel Efficiency
  • Studded Tire Use Permit Legislation: LC 389 and LC 389-1
  • Memo to Legislative Council RE: Revisions to LC 389
  • Project Summary: Redmond Bypass
  • Project Summary: Millican Road
  • Project Summary: Highway 20 in Lincoln County

Sept. 6, 2002 
  • Minutes 
  • Preferred Scenario for Congestion Pricing
  • Preferred Scenario for Mileage-Based Fee
  • Analysis of Needed Statutory Changes
  • Outline of RUFTF VMT Fee Pilot
  • IFAC Objectives
  • List of Potential Oregon Innovations
  • Project Summary: Highway 217 to U.S. 26 (Sunset Corridor)

July 12, 2002 
  • Minutes 
  • Options for Congestion Pricing
  • Peak Pricing Outline
  • Descriptions for Six Scenarios for a Mileage-Based Fee
  • Six Scenarios
    • VMT Fee Data and Collection Center
    • VMT Fee Service Station Collection/Actual VMT with Credit
    • VMT Fee Service Station Collection/Actual VMT with No Credit
    • VMT Fee Service Station Estimate/Estimated VMT with Credit
    • VMT Fee DMV Collection
    • Statewide Tolling
  • Six Scenarios: Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Mileage Based Fee memo
  • Taxing Gasoline at the Pump memo
  • Table: Commuting Times
  • Potential Revenue Sources
  • Reliability Screening
  • Collection Center
  • Public vs. Private Collection
  • Descriptions and Costs for Technologies Related to Collection of Mileage-Based Fees
  • Conditions for Mileage-Based Fess
  • Summary of June 4, 2002, Public Hearing

May 3, 2002  
  • Minutes 
  • Media and Citizen Reports package
  • List of VMT Rate Adjustment Possibilities
  • Beyond Mileage: Overlays to VMT Tax, PowerPoint presentation, Gary Corbin, City of Portland, and Chris Hagerbaumer, Oregon Environmental Council
  • Oregon Progress Board–2001 Benchmarks Relating to Transportation
  • Oregon Highway Plan Policies Revelant to RUFTF Discussion on Overlays
  • Comparison of Annual Vehicle Mileage Traveled
  • County Comparisons and VMT
  • State and Federal Highway Revenues and Expenditures by County and Region, ODOT Policy Section, August 1999
  • Table 1: Adjusted Expenditure Ratios
  • Table 4: Comparison of Highway Fund Expenditures to Revenues
  • Comaprison of Fuel Tax and VMT Fee Payments
  • Point of Taxation: Gasoline
  • VMT Fee Issues: Data Reception and Processing, Billing and Collection Center
  • System Tolling
  • VMT Rate Variation Overlays
  • System Tolling
  • List of Items for Consultant Research
  • Studded Tire Use Permits—Legislative Concept

April 12, 2002  
  • Minutes 
  • Slide presentation on Oregon's City Transportation System, by Mayor Jim Torrey of the City of Eugene, Victor Rhodes of the City of Portland, and Andrea Fogue of the League of Oregon Cities
  • Overview of Oregon's Fuel Taxes, by Quintin Hess, ODOT
  • How Oregon's Roads are Financed, April 2002
  • Media and Citizen Reports package
  • Vehicle Miles Traveled Fee–Backgrounder
  • Options for Collecting VMT Fee
    • Option 1
    • Option 2
    • Option 3
    • Option 4
    • Option 5
  • VMT Fee Issues: Data Reception and Processing, Billing and Collection Center
  • VMT Fee Scenario Evaluation Matrix
  • List of Additional Potential Revenue Sources
  • List of Identified Potential Toll Facility Pilot Projects
  • Toll Facility Studies: Tualatin-Sherwood, Newberg-Dundee
  • VMT Analysis for Selected Rural Highways (revised)
  • Outline for Simple Stump Speech
  • Slides for Simple Stump Speech
  • Website Mock up
  • Studded Tire Tax Description 

March 8, 2002  
  • Minutes 
  • Framework for Analysis 2002
  • Presentation on Oregon's County Road System, by Judge Laura Pryor of Gilliam County, Bill Penhollow of the Association of Oregon Counties
  • Presntation of the History of the State Highway System, by James M. Whitty, ODOT
  • Description of the Oregon Highway Cost Allocation (Responsibility) Studies, by John Merriss, ODOT
  • Slide presentation—Financing Oregon's Highways with Cost Responsibility: An Oregon Tradtion, by John Merriss, ODOT
  • Presentation on Federal Trust Fund Tax Revenues, David Cox, Oregon FHWA
  • Chart: National Ranking of State Title Fees for Automobilies
  • Proposed RUFTF meeting schedule
  • Proposed Task Force timeline
  • Media reports package
  • Proposed RUFTF Mission Statement
  • RUFTF Pilot Projects: Implementation Process Issues
  • Potential Revenue Sources: Descriptions
  • VMT and Fuel Efficiency Data
  • Public Outreach Model
  • Summary of Federal Toll Allowability and Conditions
  • VMT Analysis for Selected Rural Highway Segments
  • Pilot Project Implementation Requirements
  • Request for Tol Facility Pilot Projects
  • HB 3090 Toll Potential Analysis

Feb. 1, 2002  
  • Minutes 
  • Stakeholders Meeting Notes, Jan. 15, 2002
  • Metro Traffic Relief Option Study Presentation by Carl Hosticka and Bridget Wieghart of Metro
  • Chart: Comparison of Automobile-Related Taxes
  • Chart: Registration Fees for Passenger Vehicles
  • Proposed meeting schedule
  • Task Force timeline
  • Media reports
  • Letters received
  • Memo: Review of Existing Systems and Studies of Alternative Revenue Mechanisms
  • Memo: Brainstorming Ideas
  • RUFTF Glossary of Terms
  • Draft Public Outreach Model
  • Memo: Research Capabilities of ODOT Staff and Consultants
  • VPPP Agreement

Nov. 30, 2001  
  • Minutes
  • "The Political Economy of Highway Tolls and Congestion Pricing," by Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez. Transportation Quarterly, Vol. 46, No.3, July 1992 (343-360)
  • Curbing Gridlock, National Research Council. National Academy Press. Washington D.C. 1994
  • Road Pricing for Congestion Management: A Survey of International Practice, by Jose A. Gomez-Ibanez and Kenneth A. Small. National Academy Press.
  • Enrolled Bill 3946 (Authorizing Legislation)
  • Statutory Prupose, Duties, and Permissive Authority
  • ODOT Presentation on Financing Oregon's Highways, by Mike Marsh and Mazen Malik, ODOT
  • Expected Task Force timeline
  • Designing a New System of Revenue Collection: What Study Might Do, Potential Approaches, Issues for Early Consideration
  • Characteristics of Statewide User Fees and Illustrative Potential Revenue Sources
  • Slide PResentation on Alternatives to the Gas Tax, professors Anthony Rufolo and Robert Bertini, Portland State University
  • Communications Options
  • ODOT Application for Participation in the Value Pricing Pilot Program
  • Supplement to ODOT Application for Participation in the VPPP
  • Pre-project Study (Phase 1), Estimated Expenses and Requested VPPP Funds Press. Washington D.C. 1994