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GIS Projects

Name Status Comments to:
GIS68 Unstable Slope Data Web Application
GIS67 OCRS (Oregon Coord. Ref. System) Web Application
GIS66 Crash Locator Tool Re-Write
GIS65 EDMS: Enhance-Fiscal 2009-2011 Active
GIS64 Statewide Traffic Mobility Queued
GIS63 OBDP Migration Queued
GIS62 TPOD (Phase 2) On Hold
GIS61 STIP Scoping (Phase 3) Active
GIS60 Freight Bottleneck Identification On Hold
GIS59 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Complete
GIS58 Interchange Diagramming in GIS On Hold
GIS57 Import of 2007 Traffic Count Data Complete
GIS56 ArcGIS ODOT GUI Update Active
GIS55 RWDMS II-TransGIS Feed to Filenet Requests Complete
GIS54-2 SOLAR Generation on ODOT Property-Phase 2 Complete
GIS54-1 SOLAR Generation on ODOT Property-Phase 1 Complete
GIS53 Right of Way Parcel Access via Internet Complete
GIS52 TPOD: Online Planning Document DB (Phase 1) Complete
GIS51 Traffic Volume Junction Analysis On Hold
GIS50 Alternative Fuels Corridor: I-5 Potential Complete
GIS49 GIS Routing Intranet Deployment On Hold
GIS48 Road Approach Decision Support Tool
GIS47 STIP Mapping/Scoping Project Tracking (TransGIS) Complete
GIS46 Traffic Counting Field Data ArcPad Conversion Complete
GIS45 Right of Way Data Mgmt. System - GIS Component Complete
GIS44 SPIS Pilot for OR-Trans-Proof of Concept On Hold
GIS43 Crash Locator Tool Complete
GIS42 TOCS: Event Management - Phase 2 Complete
GIS42 TOC GIS Interface Prototype Complete
GIS41 DMV Oregon Automobile Dealers Complete
GIS40 TransGIS Development ver. 2.2 Complete
GIS39 Traffic Mobility Management System - Phase 2 On Hold
GIS39 Traffic Mobility Management System - Phase 1 On Hold
GIS38 ODOT Key Performance Measures GIS Mapping Complete
GIS37 Biological Field Data Collection Pilot Complete
GIS36 Alternate Route Mapping - Phase 2 Complete
GIS36 Alternate Route Mapping - Phase 1 Complete
GIS35 GIS Standards Complete
GIS34 STIP Mapping of Projects Identified by Area Complete
GIS33 2 Year Implementation Strategy for ESRI Software Complete
GIS32 Drainage Facility Management System Complete
GIS31 EnviroView-Environmental Data Management System Complete
GIS30 Dynamic Data Display System (3D's) Complete
GIS29 Truck Route Permit Mapping and Database Complete
GIS28 Non-State Highway Bridge Location Accuracy Complete
GIS27 Geospatial One-Stop Transportation Pilot (GOS-TP) Complete
GIS26 On-Line contractor Emergency Registry System Complete
GIS25 GIS Routing Software - Phase 2 Complete
GIS25 GIS Routing Software - Phase 1 Complete
GIS24 Tsunami Inundation Mapping and Analysis Pilot Complete
GIS23-95 OR-Trans Road Feature Display Active
GIS23-94 Pipe Outfall Complete
GIS23-93 OHAS Data Viewer Active
GIS23-92 RTP Feature Editor Active
GIS23-91 Statewide Solar Analysis Active
GIS23-90 Locations Standards Access Mgt ArcPad Active
GIS23-89 Electric Vehicle Potential Charging Loc (Ph 2) Complete
GIS23-88 Large Conference Presentations Complete
GIS23-87 WZTA Data Support for Work Zone Application Complete
GIS23-86 Historic Columbia River Hwy Milepost 2016 Complete
GIS23-85 Geology Support Complete
GIS23-84 RWDMS Phase 3 Support HDR App Dev. Complete
GIS23-83 OIT CIO Support Complete
GIS23-82 USCG Lat/Long Coordinate Retrieval GIS App. Active
GIS23-81 Trip Check GIS Prototype Complete
GIS23-80 Fire Marshal Hazardous Site Emer. Response Complete
GIS23-79 House Bill 2001 Complete
GIS23-78 Transinfo / I.T.I.S. Rewrite Complete
GIS23-77 Traffic Operations Support Complete
GIS23-76 Geometronics Support Complete
GIS23-75 STIMULUS Tracking System Complete
GIS23-74 Traffic Monitoring Support Complete
GIS23-73 Motor Carrier Restrictions Web Application Complete
GIS23-72 Precipitation Models for Hydraulic Engineers Complete
GIS23-71 Governor's Initiatives and Support Complete
GIS23-70 ITS Maps, Graphics and Data Complete
GIS23-69 Connect Oregon: Maps and Graphics Support Complete
GIS23-68 Scenic Byways: Map, Graphics and Data Support Complete
GIS23-67 Highway Network Data Maintenance Active
GIS23-66 City Limits: Update GIS Lyr, Research, Data Active
GIS23-65 ODOT Facilities Map, Graphics and Analysis Complete
GIS23-64 Maint. Maps, Graphics and Analysis Support Complete
GIS23-63 State Motorcycle Map Complete
GIS23-62 Misc Small / Unrelated map/data Requests Active
GIS23-61 Transportation Plan: GIS Related Products Complete
GIS23-60 Transit Section Support Complete
GIS23-59 Official State Map / Tourist Map Complete
GIS23-58 STIP Mapping Support Complete
GIS23-57 SIP / SPIS Maps Complete
GIS23-56 Safety Section Support Active
GIS23-55 Rail Section Support Active
GIS23-54 Wireless and Radio Communications Support Active
GIS23-53 Pavement Section Mapping Support Complete
GIS23-52 OTC Maps and Graphics Active
GIS23-51 Motor Carrier Support for Mapping and Analysis Active
GIS23-50 Legislative Boundaries Complete
GIS23-49 DMV Mapping Support Complete
GIS23-48 Director's Office Support Complete
GIS23-47 Freight Section Mapping Support Complete
GIS23-46 Bridge Section Support Active
GIS23-45 Aeronautics Support Complete
GIS23-44 ODOT Political Boundary Maps Complete
GIS23-43 Base Maps: City, County and By-products Active
GIS23-42 State Highway Seasonal Closures Complete
GIS23-41 SOLAR to Web Intranet Complete
GIS23-40 DSL Bridge Lease / Easement Complete
GIS23-39 City Storm drain Project-ODOT Excl. Permits Complete
GIS23-38 MLRS Discussion On Hold
GIS23-37 Bridge Conditions Oregonian Assist Complete
GIS23-36 Rural Community Designation Complete
GIS23-35 Data Distribution 'Best Practices' On Hold
GIS23-34 Oregon Trail Impact Complete
GIS23-33 To SDE Geodatabase Active
GIS23-32 Portal Testing Oregon Imagery Explorer Complete
GIS23-31 Traffic Flow on Freight Highways Complete
GIS23-29 Asset Inventory District 2b Complete
GIS23-27 Asset Management Region 2 Pilot Complete
GIS23-26 DAS GEO Data Access Demo Complete
GIS23-25 GIS RTP (Regional Trip Planner) Complete
GIS23-24 Modification to HGIS Active
GIS23-23 ITS DMV Database Rev to all GIS Capabilities Complete
GIS23-22 TPOD: GIS Document Access Complete
GIS23-21 SDE-SQL Setup Complete
GIS23-20 Federal Agg / Zoning Complete
GIS23-19 GPS Access Management Complete
GIS23-18 Bridges Added Value Complete
GIS23-17 NAS Image Archive Complete
GIS23-16 Remedy Complete
GIS23-15 Google OE Complete
GIS23-14 Transit Trip Planner (RTP) Complete
GIS23-13 Culvert Repairs 06-07 Complete
GIS23-12 Slope / Congestion Complete
GIS23-11 Crash ArcExplorer Complete
GIS23-10 Lifeline Development and Maintenance Complete
GIS23-09 Asset Safety Rating Pilot On Hold
GIS23-08 Prototype Heli Fixedwing Complete
GIS23-07 Water Withdrawal Permit Complete
GIS23-06 Functional Class to OR-Trans Complete
GIS23-05 Connect Oregon DB and Website for Submittals Active
GIS23-04 Traffic Field Data Collection Complete
GIS23-03 Access Management Complete
GIS23-02 Scenic Byways Complete
GIS23-01 TMOC / TOC Support Active
GIS23TO17 Mobile GIS Research and Recommendation Active
GIS23TO16 Conflation of HGIS15 to OR-Trans Complete
GIS23TO15 Highway Alignment and Route Building Active
GIS23TO14 Training for TransGIS Complete
GIS23TO13 No Effects Scoping Ver 2 (NRE) Complete
GIS23TO11 Wetlands Monitoring / Mitigation Assess App. Complete
GIS23TO10 Traffic Counting Field Application Upgrade Active
GIS23TO04 No Effects Scoping Ver 1 (NRE) Complete
GIS23 OEM and Small Projects Complete
GIS22 ODOT Construction Plans and Right-of-Way Map Index Complete
GIS21 GIS Layers Active
GIS20 Oregon Statewide Burial Site & Cemetery Base Layer Complete
GIS19-6 OR-Trans / All Roads Phase 6 Active
GIS19-8 OR-Trans / All Roads Phase 8 Active
GIS19-9 OR-Trans / All Roads Phase 9 Complete
GIS19 OR-Trans / All Roads Complete
GIS18 Road Authority Complete
GIS17 Upgrade of GIS Related Software Complete
GIS16 Wasco County Pilot Project Complete
GIS15 Functional Classification and National Highway System Complete
GIS14 Additional GIS Base Layers Active
GIS13 State Highway 1:24,000 Road Alignment Active
GIS12 ODOT Survey Benchmarks Active
GIS11-25 Contracts and Agreements Complete
GIS11-24-4 ODOT GIS Web Map Design and Maintenance Active
GIS11-24-3 ODOT GIS Web Map Design and Maintenance Active
GIS11-24-2 ODOT GIS Web Map Design and Maintenance Active
GIS11-24-1 ODOT GIS Web Map Design and Maintenance Active
GIS11-23 GIS Technical Support Complete
GIS11-22 GIS Unit Website Maintenance Active
GIS11-21 TDD Support-Non GIS Unit Active
GIS11-20 Admin / Map Desk / Plotting / Non Tech Support Admin
GIS11-18 Data Management Active
GIS11-16 Coordinate Remote GIS Staff On Hold
GIS11-15 Infrastructure Management Complete
GIS11-14 Hardware Eval / Purchase / Implementation Complete
GIS11-13 Emergency: GIS Functions / Preparedness On Hold
GIS11-12 ArcGIS GUI Maintenance and Support Complete
GIS11-11 Coordinate Storage Standard Complete
GIS11-10 Imagery Standards On Hold
GIS11-09 SDE Implementation Complete
GIS11-08 GIS Process Standards / Documentation On Hold
GIS11-07 Server Management Active
GIS11-06 Software Eval / Purchase / Implementation Active
GIS11-05 Resource Grade GPS Standard Complete
GIS11-04 Metadata Active
GIS11-03 Customer Support-Applications and Data Active
GIS11-02 Demonstrations Active
GIS11-01 Training Active
GIS11 GIS Infrastructure Support Complete
GIS10 Flight Line Index Complete
GIS09 GIS Software Standard Complete
GIS08 ODOT Injection Wells Inventory On Hold
GIS07 Non Highway Functional Class Complete
GIS06 Metadata Standards Complete
GIS05 Aggregate Sites Complete
GIS04 EDMS / SR-SAM Complete
GIS03 Federal Benchmark Layer NGS Complete
GIS02 Railroad Network 1:24000 Complete
GIS01 GIS Base Layers Complete
Desktop GIS Projects
Name Status Comments to:
DGIS01 Desktop GIS Rollout Complete
DGIS02 TransGIS-Old Version Complete
DGIS03 Detailed Project Proposal Complete
DGIS04 Traffic Counting Location Base Layer Complete
DGIS05 TransGIS Version 2.0 Complete
DGIS06 Measured Shapefile Complete
DGIS07 SMMS Geo Connect Complete
DGIS09 Automated Collision Diagram Complete
DGIS10 SMMS Metadata Migration Complete
DGIS11 DMV Arcview Project Complete
DGIS12 TransGIS Version 2.1 to Web Complete
DGIS13 13 UUC Boundary Project Proposal Complete
DGIS15 Access Control Demo Project Proposal Complete
DGIS16 Traffic Counting Project Proposal Complete
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