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Asset Management Integration (AMI)

What is Asset Management?

Welcome to the Asset Management Web Site!

"The right information, to the right people, at the right time to obtain the right decision."

Asset Management is a systematic, strategic and complete approach to maintain, upgrade, and operate physical assets, such as roadways, traffic control structures and bridges in a cost-effective way. The Asset Management strategic approach, for ODOT, means using our available resources to get the best possible results for the preservation, improvement, and operation of Oregon’s state-owned transportation infrastructure assets.

Asset Management draws on the principles of engineering, business management, and economics and makes use of current computer and network technology. For transportation agencies, it provides tools for project and policy decision-making and creates a framework for short and long-term planning for transportation infrastructure improvements. Asset Management practices help ensure that public agency activities are consistent with existing federal regulations and current accounting practices such as Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 34.
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Why is Asset Mgmt Important?

The time is right for Asset Management in transportation agencies. Demands on the nation’s mature and deteriorating transportation system have increased considerably due to high and growing transport productivity and mobility. These increased demands present a significant challenge to many agencies, especially where budget and personnel constraints force them to do more asset enhancement and preservation work with less staff and less money. Asset Management helps agencies identify ways to leverage their resources to respond to increasing system demands while maintaining adequate levels of service. It provides a means to prioritize requirements and allocate funds across different assets and over time in the most cost-effective way.

Asset Management also allows agencies to take advantage of increasingly powerful and generally affordable computers, sophisticated analytical tools, and advances in information technology. The new technology provides quicker and improved ways to gather, process, and analyze data as well as to make sound management decisions affecting the assets.

Finally, Asset Management helps agencies demonstrate to the public that they are responsible stewards of the Nation’s transportation assets. Increasingly, the public is demanding more information about how effectively the government is managing the Nation’s infrastructure. Asset Management, which is based on combined engineering and economic principles, will assist in demonstrating to the public that the government is making sound transportation investment decisions.

Users with questions or comments about the Asset Management Web site can e-mail Nikki Nowack.
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