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Instructions - The following documents are provided to help visitors better understand how to locate specific Guidance information within Technical Services.   
A Guide to Locating Guidance in Technical Services (Word)  
Can't Find Your Guidance Document? - This page only contains current guidance documents.  If you don't see the guidance number you are looking for, it may be Superseded, Rescinded, or Rescinded and Incorporated into an new document.  Use the link below to view a web page that lists all outdated documents.
Outdated Guidance Contacts - If you need further assistance locating your documents, use the link below to view a list of discipline specific contacts for outdated guidance.
Outdated Guidance Contacts ​
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Number   Title  Effective Date

Highway Division - Directives & Operational Notices Web Page

Technical Services
TSB07-01(D)  Errors and Omissions Contract Language and Administration Procedures  10/22/2007
TSB09-01(D)  Technical Guidance Practices 11/06/2009 Supersedes
TSB11-01(D) Professional Sealing of Project Special Provisions  07/01/2011 Supersedes
TSB11-02(D)  Documents Requiring the Seal of Licensed Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, Landscape Architects, and Photogrammetrists 08/01/2011 Supersedes
​TSB16-01(D) ​Use of ProjectWise for Engineering Data Management of Survey and Design Content 10/17/2016 ​New
GE 10-01(D) 
NEPA Environmental Impact Statement Annotated Template
GE 14-01(D) ​Management of Surface Soils Removed Within ODOT Operational Right of Way 09/17/2014 ​01/26/2016
Right of Way 
RW08-01(D)  Intergovernmental Agreement for Right of Way Services 10/31/2008
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Number   Title   Effective Date Last Updated 

Access Management

AM07-01(B)  Deposit in Lieu of a Bond for a Permit to Construct a Road Approach 06/14/2007 03/20/2015
AM07-02(B) Deposits for a Permit to Construct a Temporary Road Approach 06/14/2007 03/20/2015
AM 10-01(B) Filing, Distribution, and Transfer of Approach Road Permit Records 04/27/2015
AM11-01(B)  Non-traversable medians as mitigation for private approaches on highways with less than or equal to 5,000 AADT 03/15/2011
AM12-01(B) Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) for Approach Road Permitting 10/01/2012 New
AM13-01(B) Timelines for Approach Road Permitting Process 05/01/2013 11/12/2014
AM13-02(B) Access Management Spacing Standards for Private Approaches to State Highways 04/08/2013 09/24/2014
AM13-03(B) Reviewing SPIS Rating for Approach Permitting 04/08/2013 09/29/2014
AM13-04(B) Evaluating Offset Connections for Access Permitting 05/01/2013 03/18/2015
AM13-05(B) Approach Spacing Near a Public Approach on Region and District Highways with Posted Speed > 50 MPH 05/01/2013 09/29/2014
AM13-06(B) Sight Distance Standards and Deviations for Highway Approaches 05/01/2013 09/24/2014
AM13-07(B) Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) Requirements for Approach Permits 05/15/2013 New
AM13-08(B) Queuing Evaluation for Approach Permitting 05/15/2013 10/02/2014
AM13-09(B) Weaving in the Vicinity of an Approach 05/15/2013 10/02/2014
AM13-10(B) Analyzing Crash Rates for Approach Permitting 05/23/13 12/05/2014
AM13-11(B) Channelization Standards for Private Approaches 05/23/13 09/24/2014
Neighbor Notification Program
​01/01/2015 ​New


Presumption of Written Permission for an Existing Private Connection​ ​04/15/2015 05/23/2016​

​Evaluating Change of Use of a Private Connection

​04/27/2015 ​New

Technical Services​ ​

TSB08-01(B) ​As Constructed Plans ​06/01/2008
TSB08-02(B) ​Design Criteria Document? ​09/01/2008

​Project-specific Special Provisions; Supersedes TBS09-02(B)

TSB13-01(B) ​Approval of Specification Modifications (Project Special Provisions and Contract Change Orders) ​05/07/2013 New​
GE07-01(B) FHWA Limitations on PS&E Exception Letters 05/09/2007 08/11/2014
GE07-03(B)  Underground Injection Control (UIC) Systems 02/10/2006 03/09/2012
GE07-04(B) Mitigation site monitoring, modifications, and release procedures 09/20/2007 01/25/2016
GE08-03(B)  Public Involvement Procedures for Federal-Aid Project Development 12/09/2008
GE08-04(B)  Designating Construction Staging and Disposal Sites 12/09/2008
GE09-03(B) Turbidity monitoring for permitted in-water work and construction related discharges  01/30/2009
GE09-04(B) Biology Mitigation Monitoring Standards 04/01/2009
GE09-05(B)  Categorical Exclusion (CE) Closeout Process, Guidance, and Documentation  03/24/2009
GE09-07(B) Determining Jurisdictional Boundaries on Non-Tidally Influenced, Freshwater Streams and Feature  08/10/2009
GE10-02(B)  Hydraulics/Stormwater Report Management  05/01/2010
GE11-01(B)   Evaluating Compensatory Mitigation site locations and Site Restoration to minimize conflicts with highway operations and maintenance   07/18/2011
GE11-02(B)  Environmental Non Compliance Incident Reporting 07/21/2011
GE14-01(B) ​Temporary Water Management (TWM) Plans Drafting Guidance ​06/01/2014 ​New
GE14-02(B) ​Erosion and Sediment Control Plans-Stamping Requirements ​06/18/2014 ​New
GE14-03(B) ​Qualification Program for ESA Compliance ​10/02/2014


Supersedes GE12-01(B)

GE14-04(B) ​Qualification Program for Cultural Resources Unit - Cultural Resources Program ​11/13/2014 04/11/2017
GE16-01(B) ​Stormwater Control Facility Operation and Maintenance Plan Development Drafting Guidance ​03/01/2016 ​New
GE16-02(B) ​Stormwater Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals - Update ​05/01/2016 New​
Right of Way 
RW06-01(B)   Process for the Disposal of Surplus Property 08/01/2006  09/06/2012 
RW08-01(B)  Relinquishment of Project Right of Way to Local Public Agency  05/15/2008 07/22/2009
RW08-02(B)  Abandonment of Former Right of Way to Abutting Property Owners  05/15/2008 07/22/2009
​RW09-04(B) Advanced Acquisition of Right of Way – State Funds ​08/01/2013 ​New
RW14-01(B) Determination of Existing Right of Way for Low Risk Projects​ ​11/01/2014 New​

​Guidelines for the Appraisal of Easements

​05/01/2015 ​New
RW15-02(B) ​Optional Alternative Acquisition Process To Reconnect Driveways/Approaches, Or For Construction Or Alteration Of ADA Ramps ​08/18/2015 04/15/2016
RW17-01(B) ​Guidance for Rounding in Right of Way Appraisal Reports and Administrative Determinations of Just Compensation ​06/20/2017 New​
Traffic-Roadway Engineering 
ITS Design Responsibility
09/01/2005 07/24/2012
TR07-01(B) ODOT Traffic Signal Policy for Protected Green Clear-out at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossing 4/10/2007
TR07-06(B)  Decorative Luminaire Support Design Requirements 12/01/2007
TR07-07(B)  Highway Safety Engineering "Quick Fix" Program 09/20/2007 07/01/2012
TR07-10(B)   Illumination Design 09/28/2007 Supersedes
Validated 07/18/2012
TR08-01(B) 2070 Traffic Signal Controller 01/01/2009
TR15-01(B) ​Statewide Policy for Installing Chevrons, Arrows and Advisory Speed Plaques ​11/02/2015 ​New
TR16-01(B) ​Traffic Signal Design Manual - Pedestrian Signal Equipment Layout for 2017 Edition, Chapter 5.4 ​12/22/2016 New​
​​TR16-02(B) ​Traffic Signal Policy and Guidelines Manual - Audible Pedestrian Signals/ADA Updates for 2017 Edition ​12/22/2016 ​New
RD07-05(B) Salvaging Features and Excess Materials Associated with Transportation Projects by Contract Specification 07/01/2007 01/02/2014
RD13-02(B) ​1R Program - ADA and other programmatic updates ​01/01/2014 New​
RD13-03(B) ​3D Roadway Design ​12/31/2013 ​12/18/2015
RD14-02(B) Map 21 Changes To NHS Designation To State, County, And City Facilities​ ​03/01/2014 ​New
RD15-01(B) Modern Roundabout Design - Chapter 8.6
Appendix P, Analysis For Roundabout Entrance and Exit Geometry
​02/01/2015 ​New
RD15-02(B) ​Sealing Of Final Roadway Calculations Supporting Construction Documents ​07/01/2015 New​
RD15-03(B) ​Update to Design Exception ​04/01/2015 ​New
RD15-04(B) Closing Medians on the Interstate and Non-Interstate Freeways ​03/27/2015 ​New
RD15-05(B) ​Transition to Use of 31-inch Midwest Guardrail System ​10/01/2015 New​
​​RD16-01(B) ​ADA Curb Ramp Design Exception Request Form and ADA Curb Ramp Guidance ​12/22/2016 ​New
RD17-01(B) ​ADA Sidewalk Curb Ramp Detail - Minimum Requirements In Construction Plans ​05/01/2017 ​New


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Effective Date 
Last Updated 
Technical Services      
TSB12-01(A)  Contract Plans Sheet Development Guidelines 05/01/2012 Supersedes TSB11-01(A)
TSB16-01(A) ​Digital Signature-Documents Requiring Professional Of Record Seal 03/21/2016 ​New
CO11-01(A)  New Pavement Services Guidance 
Pavement Preservation Consideration for Bicycle Travel 
GE08-01(A)  Deed Restrictions and Compensatory Mitigation within ODOT Operating Right of Way  01/07/2008
GE08-03(A)  SLOPES IV Handbook 10/20/2008
GE09-02(A)   Environmental Monitoring Budgets 05/05/2009
GE09-03(A)  Sediment Fences and Straw Bales for Sediment Control 09/17/2009
GE11-01(A)   Environmental Documentation for State Funded Projects  11/14/2011
GE12-01(A) Correct Use of Erosion and Sediment Control Specification Language 10/10/2012 07/15/2014
Traffic-Roadway Engineering 
RD13-01(A) ​ADA Ramps in Resurfacing Projects: 1991 Verses Current ADA Standards 01/01/2014 ​New
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