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Access Management Leadership Team
January 25, 2005
The Access Management Leadership Team (AMLT) is chartered as a standing committee of the Project Delivery Leadership Team and led by the Statewide Access Management Program Office. The AMLT provides a forum for collaboration on the strategic direction and leadership of the Access Management Program in accordance with Goal 3 (Access Management) of the Oregon Highway Plan and OAR 734-051 (Access Management Rule). The work of the AMLT is primarily focused on identifying and addressing issues and opportunities for leadership in advancing the Department’s access management goals, and to facilitate effective implementation of access management rules, policies, and procedures into multiple business line operations.
The AMLT acts as the primary forum for identifying strategic issues and opportunities and developing leadership initiatives related to the statewide program. It provides an ongoing forum for discussion of access management issues in the various business lines and facilitates collaboration between the business lines and the statewide program office on actions and solutions to address such issues. The work of the AMLT includes:
  • Assisting the statewide office in developing program priorities and developing initiatives to support those priorities.
  • Assisting in development of policies, procedures, and performance measures for business lines.
  • Advocating access management goals and priorities within business lines and leadership teams (i.e. PDLT, PBLT, and MLT).
  • Facilitating coordination and communication among business lines with key roles and responsibilities related to access management.
The Access Management Program Manager chairs the AMLT and through the Chief Engineer’s delegated authority, has full decision-making authority for actions consistent with access management rules, policies, and procedures.
  • A forum for substantive dialogue to enhance leadership and communication around access management across business lines. 
  • A greater level of coordination across business lines when developing and implementing policies, procedures and practices.
  • Stronger relationships and problem solving abilities between the statewide program office and business line teams.
  • An improved level of communication and leadership about access management issues and priorities within the agency.
  • Better decision making that both meets business line needs and advances statewide consistency in implementation of rules, policies and procedures. 
The AMLT holds a half-day bi-monthly meeting. Meetings may be scheduled more frequently as needed. Permanent membership will consists of a Region Manager, the Access Management Program Manager and six other managers representing the following organizational units and business lines:  Planning, Right of Way, Project Delivery, and Maintenance. Up to two additional members may be added upon approval of the permanent representatives. The Access Management Program Manager will be responsible for appointing and replacing members as needed. Each member is expected to serve a minimum two-year term on the Team. If unable to attend, members may substitute a designee with full decision-making authority to represent them. Staff support is provided by the statewide program office. Where feasible, e-mail is used to update or follow-up on action items. Additionally, activities or issues requiring specialized attention may be delegated to a sub-group of the AMLT for consideration and resolution. Results of sub-team work are brought back to the AMLT for concurrence.
The work of the AMLT is expected to require a commitment of approximately 5-6 hours per month for meetings and follow-up work. Members are expected to attend bi-monthly meetings. They are expected to be prompt in meeting any target dates for assignments and/or follow-up work. They are expected to bring up and engage in substantive discussions during the meetings. Additionally, members are expected to use discretion when sharing information from team meetings, and to honor confidences or confidential material that may be discussed during meetings to promote sound decision making.
The AMLT conducts its business from the perspective of what’s best for the overall Access Management Program. To ensure an appropriate level of discussion and professional interaction, members must be willing to listen to the opinions and views of others and make decisions that further the effectiveness of the statewide program. This requires collaboration and, on occasion, compromise from team members. There is an ongoing expectation that all members will be supportive of decisions made by the AMLT. If consensus cannot be reached and the issue is within the delegated authority of the Access Management Program Manager, the decision will be made by the Program Manager. In situations where consensus can not be reached, and the issue is outside the delegated authority of the Program Manager, the issues will be forwarded to the Chief Engineer for direction or resolution. 
Members recognize that anyone within the Highway Division may have an issue or question that should be brought to the attention of the AMLT. Members encourage bringing issues forward. Issues may be raised through any AMLT member for discussion or action by the AMLT.
When addressing an issue, the AMLT takes one of the following actions:
  1. Deals with it directly.
  2. Forms a sub-team or ad hoc group to work “off line” and bring back at a later date. 
  3. Refers it to a more appropriate group or organization within ODOT for follow up.
  4. Breaks it into discreet parts and works the issue using multiple approaches.
Meeting notes will be distributed to meeting attendees and may be distributed more widely, as deemed necessary by the Team. A decision log is used to memorialize decisions. An issues log is used to track action items. Issues log items are reviewed at the beginning of each meeting. Resolution of an issue may need to be communicated to others within ODOT or to customers or stakeholders. In some cases a simple e-mail follow up may suffice. In other instances, the communication may take any one of a number of forms – policy development or clarification; a new, enhanced or clarified procedure; a new or improved business practice, etc. The AMLT will determine who should receive the communication and the form it should take at the time the issue is resolved by the Team. 


As of Feb 2013
Harold Lasley, Chair Access Management Unit Manager
(503) 986-4216 
Joe Gray
Asst. State Right of Way Manager
(503) 986-3615
David Boyd 
Region 4 Access Management Engineer (541) 388-6182
Kirsten Pennington
Region 1 Planning Manager (503) 731-8245
Angela Kargel
Region 2 Traffic Engineer
(503) 986-2656
Robert Bryant
Region 4 Manager
(541) 388-6184
Jerry Marmon
District 8 Manager (541) 774-6355
Marilyn Holt
District 12 Manager (541) 278-6021
Amanda Pietz
Transportation Planning Manager
(503) 986-4227​
Doug Bish
Traffic Services Manager
(503) 986-3594​
Larry McKinley
Area Manager
(503) 325-7222​