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Construction Leadership Team


Charter & Operating Guidelines
(Charter revised January 1, 2013)

Authority:  The Construction Leadership Team (CLT) is established under the Project Delivery Leadership Team (PDLT) Operational Notice PD-01, dated April 1, 2005.  The CLT will have decision authority for the establishment of Department policies and procedures related to the implementation of the ODOT Construction Program.

Purpose:  The CLT serves as the overall policy body for the Department’s Construction business line, which encompasses all activities necessary to take a project from contract award to final acceptance and payment for the project.

The CLT will routinely assess the effectiveness of the construction phase of projects and identify areas needing improvement.  These areas will be prioritized and included in an annual work plan that will be used to track and report the progress of the CLT.

Membership:  To accomplish this responsibility, CLT membership is comprised of key members from each region who are involved in various aspects of the construction phase.  The committee is co-chaired by the State Construction and Materials Engineer and an Area Manager.  Other members include the Contract Administration Engineer as well as individuals from each region, Local Program Group, the Bridge Delivery Unit and FHWA representative.  Region representatives will distribute representation across both Area Manager positions as well as Project Managers. It will be the responsibility of each member to represent their region across the full range of construction activities.  To maintain some consistency on the Team, members are expected to serve at least a two year term, after the initial two years, it will be up to the represented region to determine whether they change the representative or not.

Current Members: 
  • Jeff Gower, State Construction & Materials Engineer, Chair
  • Steve Cooley, Contract Administration Engineer
  • Marge West, Construction Engineer (Region 1)
  • Tim Potter, Area Manager (Region 2)
  • Ted Paselk, Project Manager (Region 3)
  • Ron Snell, Project Manager (Region 4)
  • Jay Roundtree, Project Manager (Region 5)
  • Ron Reisdorf, Construction Manager (BDU)
  • Scott Adams, Local Agency Liaison
  • Chris Bucher, Operations Engineer (Federal Highway Administration)

Meetings:  The CLT will meet monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.  Meetings will be held in the ODOT Materials Lab Large Conference Room from 9:00 am to noon.

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2012 Accomplishments

2012 Annual Report

Submitted by: JEFF GOWER
December 14, 2012


Consultants and Construction

  • CLT developed guidelines and tools for Consultant Engineers to improve consistency in process.
    • ​Finalized the Consultant Oversight Manual for Agency Project Managers.

Improve Specifications

  • Reviewed data from revised Apprenticeship Specification and confirmed the formula is working well for majority of projects.
Contracting Changes

  • Three groups were formed to address DOJ recommendations for improving contracting process and specifications to better protect the agency.  
    • ​Contractor Prequalification Process updated prequalification application and renewal schedule.
    • ​​​Contractor Performance Evaluation Process was revised as well as the evaluation form and scoring matrix.  The group also amended OARs related to contractor performance evaluation.
    • ​Section 100 Specification Revisions group amended OAR addressing contractor records as well as revised specifications related to the claims process.

Mobility and Timing

  • CLT recommended revising specifications on notice of closure during moving construction targets from 28 to 35 days.

HMA Yield Calculations

  • CLT recommended a form developed to satisfy FHWA Audit request to document yield checks for Hot Mix Asphalt Concrete (HMAC).

Second Note Final Payment 

  • Process has been evaluated and updated to include a schedule for strike team to help improve completion time.

Pavements Forum

  • Second Annual Pavements Forum was held November 14th to help discuss Lessons Learned from previous construction season as well as review latest technical advancements in materials.

Quarterly Release of Retainage

  • Developed implementation plan and process for release of retainage and will roll out to Project Managers in January and AGC in February.

Flagging Requirments (FHWA)

  • Developed and implemented a Flagger Form for Project Managers to complete to track certified flaggers on the job.

Continuing Work

Improve Specifications

  • Need to evaluate best formula for calculating Apprenticeship numbers for Asphalt inlay projects.

Contracting Changes

  • Rolling out Training for work completed by Prequalification, Contractor Performance Evaluation and Section 100 Revisions subcommittees.

Construction Performance Measures

  • Use of Interim Completion Dates on Construction Projects Advisory submitted to TLT for approval.

Paperwork Reduction Effort for Project Managers

  • ​Steve Cooley is working with Contract Administration RAS group, FHWA and Auditors to identify what is considered substantially required for compliance to streamline documentation efforts in PM offices.

Planned New Work

2013 Draft Work Plan is attached below.  Additional items anticipated to be added in January of 2013.

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2013 Annual Work Plan

Use this link to view the 2013 Annual Work Plan​ in Word format. 
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