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Geo-Hydro Leadership Team
April 2010

Eng. & Asset Management Unit Manager:     Paul R. Wirfs

Tech Center Geology/Geotech Manager (Region 1, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, and Region 5), and Technical Services Unit Managers (Salem).
See table in next section.


This is a standing committee that holds half day meetings on a bi-monthly basis.

The Geo/Hydro Leadership Team (GHLT) communicates and resolves state-wide technical issues and priorities relating to Geology, Geotechnical engineering, Hydraulics Engineering and Hazardous Materials.  It also insures that GHLT activities are integrated with the overall direction and guidance from the Project Delivery Leadership Team (PDLT) and the Technical Leadership Team (TLT). 
1.  Defining roles and responsibilities for various program activities,
2.  Statewide uniformity and consistency,
3.  Shared Resourcing of Technical Expertise,
4.  Training for Technical Excellence,
5.  Research,
6.  Statewide Standards and Manuals,
7.  Software for analysis and design,
8.  Formulation and approval of guidance and policy,
9.  Work cooperatively and improve communication,
10. Shared Problem Solving ,
11. Shared Knowledge and Expertise,
12. Guidance for project delivery QA/QC processes,
13. Project Resourcing. 


The following committees report to this team and must submit all recommendations and/or decisions requiring management approval:           
Hydraulics, Geology / Geotech, Material Source, Bank/Coastal Protection, Underground Structures, Sub-surface Information, Unstable Slopes, Trenchless Technology, Walls, Software committees.

The GHLT conducts its business from the perspective of what’s best for the overall good of the department. To ensure an appropriate level of discussion and professional interaction, members must be willing to listen to the opinions and views of others and make decisions that further the overall business line agenda. Decisions will be made by team consensus.  This requires balanced participation, effective communication, collaboration and, on occasion, compromise from team members.  Team Consensus means the entire group considers a problem on the basis of reason and discussion, with each member expressing a view.  The group reaches a decision that all members can accept, without necessarily full satisfaction of the decision by each member, as an example any member “may not really like it but will support it” as the bottom line.  In other words, consensus decisions are not necessarily the first choice of all team members, but are further defined by:  1) Everyone has an opportunity for input-and everyone takes that opportunity; 2) Everyone feels heard and understood (or was at least given reasonable opportunity to be), and 3) Everyone supports the decision. There is an ongoing expectation that all members will be supportive of decisions made by the GHLT.  If consensus cannot be reached and the issue is within the delegated authority of the Technical Leadership Team (TLT), the decision will be made by TLT. In situations where consensus can not be reached, and the issue is outside the delegated authority of TLT, majority and minority opinions can be presented to PDLT for resolution.

The Geo/Hydro Leadership Team has been granted authority within the disciplines described above by the Technical Leadership Team.  Decisions before GHLT that do not require upper management approval may be implemented by this team.  For decision items that come to GHLT that require upper management approval, GHLT will recommend a course of action and forward this recommendation to the TLT or the PDLT.


As of April 2010 
Paul Wirfs, ChairEngineering & Asset Management(503) 986-3526
Craig Shike Bridge Standards Unit Manager
(503) 986-3323
Tom Braibish
Region 1 Geo-Hydro Manager(503) 731-8529
Bernie Kleutsch
Region 2 Bridge/Geo/Hydro Manager(503) 986-2646
Jim CollinsRegion 3 Geo/Hydro/Environmental Manager
(541) 957-3595
Randy DavisRegion 4 Geo/Bridge/Env Manager(541) 388-6334 Ext 537
Mark HansonRegion 5 Br/Geo/Env Manager
(541) 963-1361
Mike MorrisRegion 4 Roadway Manager(541) 388-6247 Ext 537
Tom WallaceRegion 5 Roadway Manager(541) 963-1342