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Survey Leadership Team
The Survey Leadership Team (SLT) has been in existence since 2001, but was reestablished under the PDLT Operational Notice PD-01, dated January 1, 2005. The chair of this team will report issues up to the Technical Leadership Team (TLT) when necessary.
The mission of the ODOT Survey Leadership Team is to assure quality and provide consistent, effective and efficient services in the discipline of land surveying in all related matters of concern to the Department through organization, standardization, training, equipping and supervision of survey personnel using resources within and from outside the Department, striving to use the most appropriate and prudent methods, and balancing creative and visionary risks against application of proven and reliable techniques.
  • Provide guidance on the establishment of Department policies and procedures related to the Surveying Program including all necessary surveying activities involved in project delivery. 
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between regional technical centers and Technical Services’ Geometronics Unit.
  • Provide an atmosphere and opportunity for collaborative problem-solving and idea-sharing.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the Surveying Program and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Prioritize recommendations and include an annual work plan to track and report on the progress of the Geometronics Unit.
  • Promote effective and efficient surveying of ODOT staff and their consultants.
  • Provide an opportunity for statewide survey resource leveling.
  • Provide uniformity in survey staff positions.
  • Identify needs and promote training.
  • Develop long-term goals for survey automation and a strategic plan for surveyors.
Ron Singh, Chief of Surveys, Geometronics Manager
Steve Muma, Region 1 Survey Manager
Lloyd Savage, Region 2 Survey Manager 
Marshall Wagstaff, Region 3 Surveyor
Jules Wetzel, Region 4 Surveyor
Curt Stockhoff, Region 5 Surveyor
David "Bubba" Brinton, Lead Surveyor 
David Artman, Lead Photogrammetrist
Scott Morrison, Right of Way Engineering Design Leader
Ken Bays, Geodetic Control Specialist
Mike Cooney, Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners Survey Coordinator
Guests to the meeting may include representatives from any other ODOT discipline that may be affected by surveying, photogrammetry, or right of way engineering. Representatives from outside the agency such as county surveyors and consultants may also be invited.
The SLT will meet once a month. Meetings will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The meetings will generally be held in Salem at the Geometronics office, but will also be rotated to each of the regions once a year. 
A subcommittee of the SLT will be the Survey Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). This "task specific" committee will not have any permanent members and will not meet routinely, but will be invoked whenever a technical issue needs to be worked outside of SLT. One of the SLT members will chair this temporary committee and the membership determined based on the issue. The temporary chair of STAC will pick members for the task based on their expertise on that subject.


Ron Singh, Chief of SurveysGeometronics Manager(503) 986-3033
Steve MumaRegion 1 Survey Manager
(503) 731-3240
Lloyd SavageRegion 2 Survey Manager (503) 986-2719
Marshall WagstaffRegion 3 Surveyor(541) 957-3567
Jules WetzelRegion 4 Surveyor(541) 388-6376
Jay RoundtreeInterim Region 5 Surveyor(541) 963-1359 
David "Bubba" BrintonLead Surveyor (503) 986-3017
David ArtmanLead Photogrammetrist(503) 986-3540
Scott MorrisonRight of Way Engineering Design Leader(503) 986-3672
Ken BaysGeodetic Control Specialist
(503) 986-3543
Mike CooneyOregon Bridge Delivery Partners
Survey Coordinator
(503) 316-5501
Jaime ViramontesDist 4 Assistant Project Manager(541) 757-4280