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Traffic Signal Information

Signal Operation Approvals

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signal Approval Letters
The Traffic Signal Approval Letters for each Traffic Signal installation. (in PDF format) 

Approved Signal List
A list of signals that have been approved for installation, modification or removal.

Traffic Signal Approval Request Forms
Use these forms to request the installation, modification or removal of a Traffic Signal.
   - Signal Approval Request Form
   - Preliminary Signal Operations Design Form​
   - Preliminary Signal Operations Review Form
   - Left-Turn Phasing Investigation Form
Preemption and Priority Request Forms
For local jurisdictions who are seeking to equip their emergency response vehicles to preempt traffic signals. 
   - Emergency Vehicle Preemption Form
   - Transit Priority Form​​​

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Flashing Yellow Arrows

Signals With Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows 
A brochure about Flashing Left Turn Arrows (in PDF format) 

Video of Flashing Yellow Left Turn Arrows  
ODOT and other jurisdictions across the nation have been fitting selected traffic signals with "Flashing Yellow Arrows".  These new traffic signal displays are designed to help drivers understand when they need to stop, when they have the right-of-way, and when they need to yield to oncoming traffic.   The link above provides a short video courtesy of Washington County that explains a driver's responsibilities at these new signal displays. 
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​Traffic Signal Policy and Guidelines ​​

Traffic Signal Policy & Guidelines​
ODOT is responsible for installation, operation, and maintenance of traffic signals on the State Highway System. This document provides necessary information to individuals involved in any of the above areas of responsibility. If you have any questions regarding this document, feel free to contact Craig Black, P.E., ODOT Traffic Operations Engineer at (503) 986-3576 or craig.b.black@odot.state.or.us. 

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Design Manuals

The draft 2013 ODOT Traffic Signal Design Manual is available below for review and comment.  Please send comments to Katryn Johnson (503-986-3595) by October 31, 2013.  The manual is available in its full content or as individual chapters.
Note: Proof reading and final formatting for this draft review have not been completed yet.
General Changes:
  • Completely overhauled from current manual.
  • Removed drafting information (as much as possible) - this manual focuses on design rather than what plan sheets should look like.
  • Chapters are based on major titles of signal design plan sheets.
  • The manual will be a web-only document.
  • The manual will be updated on a yearly basis (or more frequently as needed).
Individual Draft Chapters​
01 - Introduction
02 - Design Approval Process
03 - Signal Operation & Operational Approval
04 - Starting the Design
​​05 - Signal Plan
06 - Detector Plan
07 - Interconnect Plan
08 - Existing Utilities Plan
09 - Details Plan
10 - Removal Plan
11 - Temporary Signal Plan
12 - Flashing Beacon Plan
13 - Ramp Meter Plan
14 - Pedestrian Signal Plan
15 - Red Light Enforcement Plan
16 - Railroads
17 - Standard Drawings & Details
18 - Specifications, Bid Items, and Cost Estimates
19 - Cabinet Prints
20 - Construction Support
21 - State Force Work

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Technical Advisors & Bulletins

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Drafting Tools

The files contained in the "Traffic_Drafting_Toolz.zip" file will help you in designing and drafting Traffic Signal Plans to ODOT Standards. 
The "Traffic_Drafting_Toolz.zip"  file will be updated on a as needed basis. The user of these design and drafting aids shall be responsible for verifying that they are using the latest version to produce plans for the Traffic - Roadway Section. 
It is important that you read the "Read Me.doc" This file contains valuable information on: 
  • Updates to the MicroStation Cell libraries and the sidebar menu 
  • The installation of the MicroStation sidebar menu
  • How to launch the MicroStation sidebar menu
Updated - 10-24-2011 
Updated - 10-1-2012 


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MicroStation Cabinet Prints

332 Cabinet Print [DGN] [PDF]
The most common controller cabinet used in new traffic signal installations 
(Now in 11" x 17" Format). 
332 Controller Cabinet with Video [DGN] [PDF]
The 332 controller cabinet used in new traffic signal installations with video detection (In 11" x 17" Format). 
336 Cabinet Print [DGN] [PDF]
This cabinet configuration is used primarily for temporary traffic signals 
(Now in 11" x 17" Format). 
334 Ramp Meter Cabinet Print [DGN] [PDF] 
This cabinet configuration is only used on ramp meter installations 
(Now in 11" x 17" Format). 
334 Count Cabinet Print [DGN] [PDF]
This cabinet configuration is only used for traffic counting stations 
Signal Cabinet Print Guide for ODOT Traffic Signal Designers [DOC] [PDF]
Each new, modified or updated traffic signal installation shall have a new cabinet print drawn in MicroStation format and submitted to Traffic Systems Services Unit (TSSU).  
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Standard Drawings & Details

Current Traffic Signal Standard Drawings 
Traffic Signal Standard Drawings (TM450 Series) for ODOT Traffic Signal Projects. 
Traffic Signal Detail Drawings 
Traffic Signal Detail Drawings (TM4400 Series) for ODOT Projects. 
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Product Approval & Evaluation

Submittals for qualified and conditionally field qualified equipment and materials. 
Submittals f or signal controller and related equipment. 

A list of certification exempt traffic management system components used by ODOT, Oregon Cities, Oregon Counties, and other applicable public agencies.
Information for Product Evaluation for The "Blue Sheets" and "Green Sheets". 
Preliminary Product Evaluation Form 
Blue and Green Sheet product evaluation procedure. 
Vehicle Signal LED Specification 
LED Traffic Signal Head Retrofit Kits.

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Drawings & Database

NEW FileNet application to search for and download Traffic Plans (sign, signal, and illumination). Click on the links below to access this application.  

FileNet is to be used for reference and historical drawing look-up only.  It is the users responsibility to verify that the information is correct and accurate by verifying the information with this office before use.
Getting Started Guide 
ODOT FileNet Traffic Plans   

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