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Traffic Publications

Illumination Publications

Lighting Policy and Guidelines (Updated: Jan 2003)
Contact the Traffic Roadway Section: 503-986-3587. 

Traffic Lighting Design Manual (Updated: July 2009)
Contact the Traffic-Roadway Section: 503-986-3587. 

Additional illumination related information and publications may be found at the following discipline page:
Illumination Plans 
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Signing & Striping Publications

Sign Policy 
Sign Design Manual 
Sign Inventory Field Handbook (2015 Edition)  
Sign Inventory Database Users Guide (August 2013 Edition)

Traffic Line Manual
The link above will access the current Traffic Line Manual web page with current manual updates and related information.

Pavement Marking Design Guidelines
This document provides tools for designers to use in the preparation of pavement marking plans for contract plans.

Standards for Accessible Parking Places (Updated: May 2012)
This document provides the requirements for accessible parking spaces, including info on standard signing and pavement markings.

Use this link to add your Company's Name to the Contractor/Supplier section of the "Standards For Accessible Parking Places." Contact The Traffic Standards And Asset Management Unit, 503-986-3610.

Crosswalks: A Safety Tool for Everyone (Updated: Oct 2006)
This brochure explains how crosswalks are established on state highways and considerations for installing new marked crosswalks.
Additional signing and striping related information and publications may be found at the following discipline pages:


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Signal Publications

Traffic Signals-Myth or Reality; What they can or cannot do.  This brochure may help explain some of the facts about traffic signals. 
Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Traffic Control Devices Committee, Traffic-Roadway Section. Contact the Traffic Unit: 503-986-3576.
Includes specifications for 332S Cabinets.  Contact the Traffic Standards and Asset Management Unit, 503-986-3596.

Includes updated specifications. Contact the Traffic Standards and Asset Management Unit, 

The purpose of these guidelines is to encourage uniformity in the location, operation, and maintenance of traffic signals in Oregon. Contact the Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-3576.
A guide for determining design and operation criteria related to railroad preemption at signalized intersections. 

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Traffic Structures Publication

Traffic Structures Design Manual - This manual will guide regional technical center and consultant personnel in the design of traffic structures. Specifically, the designer will learn how to produce contract documents and cost estimates for projects, provide construction support, and address nonstandard design issues. In addition, the manual outlines common issues that occur with traffic structures and solutions.
Contact the Traffic Structures Engineer: (503) 986-3069

Additional traffic structures related information and publications may be found at the following discipline page: Traffic Structures Information


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TCP Publications

This handbook provides basic information for the safe and effective use of Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS) and illustrates proper setup and delineation for a PCMS, as well as provide a variety of example messages for a broad range of roadway activities.
2013 Work Zone Safety Audit Tour Summary Report​ (4.3 MB)
As part of the State Temporary Traffic Control Program, the Traffic Control Plan Unit conducts several, multi-day construction Work Zone Safety Audit Tours across the state each year. This report provides feedback for statewide Traffic Control Plan Designers, ODOT Engineering Consultants and the Region Construction Project Management Offices on Traffic Control Plan Standards and Practices.

2010 Work Zone Tour Summary Report

2011 Work Zone Safety Audit Tour Summary Report (3.2 MB)

Traffic Control Plans Design Manual
The purpose of this manual is to introduce Traffic Control Plan Designers to the standards, practices, devices and technologies that make up the temporary traffic control discipline. This manual provides an organized collection of traffic control plan design standards, guidelines, policies, and procedures to be used in the development of a temporary Traffic Control Plan (TCP).

2011 Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook
The 2011 Oregon Temporary Traffic Control Handbook was approved at the December 21, 2011 meeting of the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC). This handbook is a supplement to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices 2009 Edition. It applies to temporary traffic control zones of 3 days or less for any reason on any road open to the public in Oregon.

Work Zone Traffic Analysis Manual
The Work Zone Traffic Analysis Manual can be found at the link above. This manual guides users through the Work Zone Traffic Analysis Tool.

Work Zone Traffic Analysis Tool (internal ODOT only)
This web-based tool is used to determine when traffic volumes are low enough for travel lanes to be safely closed for construction. A two-day course through ODOT’s HR Training Center is offered which fully covers the methodology and application of this tool/process. For additional information please contact the Traffic Control Plans Unit.

Work Zone Speed Reduction Request Form (734-2874)
Contact The Traffic Engineering Services: 503-986-3571.
Websites for WZTA Analysts

Additional Traffic Control Plans information may be found at the following page:
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Speed Zone Manual
For questions about the manual, contact the Traffic-Roadway Section: 503-986-3609.

Setting Speeds
Downloadable brochure regarding speed zoning in Oregon. For a hard copy of this brochure, contact the Traffic-Roadway Section: 503-986-3571 or 503-986-3609

Speed Zone Request Form
Requests for speed zone investigations must be made by the government agency that has jurisdiction over the roadway. Contact the Traffic-Roadway Section: (503) 986-3609 or (503) 986-3571.

For questions about this manual, contact the ODOT Traffic Unit: 503-986-3594.
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Guidelines for the Operation of Variable Message Signs on State Highways (Updated: May 2013)
Contact The Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-4062. 
Standard Message List for Portable Variable Message Signs On State Highways
Contact The Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-4062
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General (Programs and Other)

The Traffic-Roadway Section administers the HSIP to encourage engineering improvements that address identified safety needs. This federally funded program requires each state to identify hazardous locations on all public roads, assign priorities for necessary corrections at these locations, and establish a schedule of improvement projects. Contact the Traffic-Roadway Section: (503) 986-3572 
Deviations to the MUTCD are published in the Oregon Supplement to the MUTCD and made for justifiable reasons such as instances where Oregon law deviates from the MUTCD. These deviations are adopted through the OAR process and by permission of the FHWA. Contact the Traffic Investigations Engineer: 503-986-3580. 

Guide to School Area Safety (Updated: Jan 2017)
Oregon’s school zone traffic laws, Safe Routes to School Program, and a variety of engineering and programmatic strategies are included in this school zone guide.  
Contact the Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-4062. 

Traffic Manual (Updated: June 2015) 
The primary purpose of this manual is to provide our customers and new employees with information regarding practices, procedures, and the ODOT organization. The manual will also clarify roles and responsibilities, as well as provide information that may be required when considering traffic control changes. This manual includes information on where to find policies, procedures, warrants. The manual should not be regarded as policy, rather it should be used for information and training. Contact the Traffic Investigations Engineer: 503-986-3580. 
(Updated: June 2007) Contact the Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-3573. 
A history of Oregon State cooperation with Oregon cities and counties to share installation, maintenance, and operating costs for traffic signals and roadway illumination at intersections or interchanges between state highways and city streets or county roads. Contact the Traffic Standards and Asset Management Unit: 503-986-3584. 
A full description of all Oregon State and Federal Highways and Routes within Oregon. Contact the Traffic Engineering Services Unit: 503-986-3608. 

Additional general information and publications may be found at the following discipline pages:

Publications for Roadway Engineering may be viewed using this link.
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