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Automated Reporting

Automated Weight-Mile Reporting System

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is offering an automated system for filing weight-mile tax reports to improve the operational efficiencies of its Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD) and the trucking industry operating in Oregon. The system, known as Oregon Truck Tracking Online (OTTO), allows authorized "OTTO vendors" access to electronically file Weight-Mile (WMT) reports, Flat Fee Tax reports and pay the fees and taxes associated with the reports via Direct Payment (ACH). It is an automated system which eliminates the manual filing of tax reports and payments.
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How the System Works

The OTTO System is designed to be used by third-party vendors filing tax reports on behalf of their carrier clients or by motor carrier trucking companies filing their own tax reports. In both cases, taxable truck miles are collected and submitted through the OTTO System and paid using ACH. While there is no prescribed method in the OTTO Program for collecting taxable miles, anticipated efficiencies for trucking companies are realized by using on-board mileage tracking devices, including GPS systems, to collect taxable miles and using that information to electronically file tax reports.

The OTTO System utilizes a web service to provide secure access to MCTD records. OTTO vendors use MCTD's highly successful transaction web presence, OregonTruckingOnline.com (TOL), to manage their account and access to the OTTO web service.

Watch a video on how to electronically file your Weight Mileage Report.

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Who is Eligible

Third-party vendors are eligible to be OTTO vendors upon completion of an application form and authorization by MCTD.
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How to Apply

Companies interested in becoming a vendor in the OTTO Program must complete an application and submit it to MCTD. Here is a link to the online fillable Application for Web Service Access, the application must be completed and emailed to otto@odot.state.or.us. Once authorized, MCTD will send the requestor their new OTTO account number and temporary TOL password to use to establish their access to the OTTO web service.


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How to Sign Up Clients

Established OTTO vendors must have their motor carrier clients complete a Power of Attorney (POA) form authorizing the OTTO vendor to conduct MCTD business on their behalf. The POA is available to OTTO vendors through their TOL account. The signed forms must be sent to otto@odot.state.or.us, a dedicated MCTD email box to facilitate the connection of the motor carrier account to the OTTO vendor account. Once established, the OTTO vendor will have access to their carrier clients' company and vehicle records and can begin filing their client's tax reports. Vendors only have access to motor carrier accounts for which they have a signed Power of Attorney.
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How to Establish Connection with the Web Service

Only authorized OTTO users have access to the web service, and then only after MCTD sets up their account to provide the access. View the technical specifications for the OTTO web services.  
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How to Start Using the Web Service in Production

MCTD maintains a web service test environment to be used by authorized OTTO vendors to ensure their connection is working and they are getting the expected results. Access to the test environment will be provided when users are ready to make the connect. Access to the MCTD production web service will be given to the OTTO users once they are comfortable their system is getting the correct returns in test, and they request production access in writing to MCTD to otto@odot.state.or.us.
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Things Needed to Participate in the OTTO Program

  • Computer system that can connect with the Oregon MCTD Web Services. (Computer must meet all Oregon Information Systems security requirements).
  • Completed Application for Oregon Truck Tracking Online Web Services Access.
  • Power of Attorney for each Motor Carrier that is represented by your service.
  • Oregon Trucking On-line account.
  • ACH Bank Account - Must be registered on the Oregon Trucking Online website.
  • Once account has been authorized a connection test must be coordinated with MCTD, via e-mail address ottosupport@odot.state.or.us.
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