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Unified Carrier Registration fee structure remains unchanged for 2016
Interstate operators are paying the same Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) fees for 2016 as they paid for 2013. Fees range from $76 for the smallest interstate operator to $73,346 for operators with 1,001 or more power units. The 41 states participating in UCR have mailed billings and activated the program’s online registration system -- www.ucr.in.gov. Enforcement for non-payment is now underway nationwide.  
Number of commercial motor vehicles owned or operated by exempt or non-exempt motor carrier, motor private carrier, or freight forwarder
Fee for 2016
0 - 2
$         76
3 - 5
$       227
6 - 20
$       452
21 - 100
$    1,576
101 - 1,000
$    7,511
1,001 or more
$  73,346 


The UCRA program requires that all motor carriers, brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies who operate in interstate or international commerce must pay an annual fee. This even applies to farmers operating in interstate commerce with vehicles over 10,000 lbs. (View a Guide to What is Interstate Commerce?)

Learn more about UCR:

Summary of Unified Carrier Registration 

Three steps to paying UCR fees:
  1. If the interstate operator’s principal place of business is in Oregon, one of the following states may be selected as the base state that accepts payments: AK, CA, CO, ID, MT, ND, NM, SD, UT, WA. Oregon is not participating in the UCR program and it is not accepting fee payments. Do not send payments to Oregon. Please see the list of participating states below for more information.
  2. To pay fees, visit the Unified Carrier Registration Web site to register online or download the paper form to pay by mail. Online payments may be made by MasterCard, Visa or e-Check.
  3. Determine the annual fee based on the number of vehicles and, if not paying online, make the payment to the chosen base state in the form accepted by that state. Do not send payments to Oregon.  
Western States Participating in UCR in 2016

Alaska Department of Transportation — Commercial Vehicle Customer Service
11900 Industry Way, Building M, Suite 2, Anchorage AK 99515
907-365-1200    FAX 907-365-1221
Pay by: Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order

California Department of Motor Vehicles —
Motor Carrier Services Branch
P.O. Box 932370, Sacramento CA 94232-3700
916-657-8153    FAX 916-657-6803
Pay by: Check, Money Order

Colorado Public Utilities Commission
1560 Broadway, Suite 250, Denver CO 80202
303-894-2000 select 4   FAX 303-894-2071
Payment options: Cash, Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Certified Funds

Idaho Transportation Department
Commercial Vehicle Services - Motor Carrier
PO Box 7129, Boise ID 83707-1129
208-334-8611    FAX 208-334-2006
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Funds

Montana Department of Transportation
PO Box 4639, Helena MT 59604-4639
406-444-2998       FAX 406-444-0800
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Funds

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
Transportation Division
PO Box 1269, Sante Fe NM 87504-1269
505-827-4519     FAX 505-827-4023
Payment options: Check, Money Order, Certified Funds

North Dakota Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
608 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck ND 58505-0780
701-328-2725 select 2      FAX 701-328-3500
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Funds

South Dakota Department of Revenue & Regulation
Motor Carrier Services
445 East Capitol Avenue, Pierre SD 57501-3185
605-773-3314       FAX 605-773-4117
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Funds

Utah Department of Transportation, Ports of Entry
Motor Carrier Division

4501 S. 2700 West, PO Box 148240, Salt Lake City UT  84114-8240
801-965-3871      FAX 801-965-4265
Payment options: Credit Card, E-Check

Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission
Licensing Services
PO Box 47250, Olympia WA 98504-7250
360-664-1222         FAX 360-586-1181
Payment options: Check, Cash, Credit Card, Money Order, Certified Funds
The Unified Carrier Registration Agreement is a base-state system for registering interstate motor carriers with vehicles over 10,000 lbs., including private, for-hire, and exempt carriers, farmers operating in interstate commerce, and brokers, freight forwarders, and leasing companies. All of these operators must pay annual registration fees that fund state motor carrier safety programs, enforcement, and UCR administration. UCR fees may only be used to support motor carrier safety and enforcement programs, or pay for UCR administration.

The program is designed for states that need to replace revenue they formerly collected under the Single State Registration System (SSRS), which since 1991 had been used by 38 states to register for-hire carriers and handle insurance filings. Oregon never participated in SSRS and it’s not participating in UCRA. Oregon-based interstate operators must select another Western state and pay their fees to it, or pay online at ucr.in.gov.

When UCR was being developed in 2007, Oregon was eligible to receive up to $500,000 per year from UCR fee collections if it participated in the program. But as the deadline for joining approached, ODOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division managers saw at least two reasons not to participate. First, base states were instructed to accept paper registration forms along with all manner of payments and offer over-the-counter service. Oregon would have been hard pressed to manage such a registration process, especially if a large number of operators in other states chose Oregon as their base state. California, for example, was not participating in UCRA in 2007 so its interstate operators were looking for a base state to receive their registration forms and payments. Second, an FMCSA administrator suggested that the agency would ultimately expect that the UCR Plan will adopt requirements for filing of financial responsibility information for those motor carrier entities not currently filing with FMCSA. Oddly, that followed the federal preemption in SAFETEA-LU that forbids states from requiring a filing of financial responsibility from any interstate carrier.

Regarding Enforcement
Oregon is one of several states that is not participating in the program in terms of acting as a base state and collecting fees. But Oregon and every other state must enforce UCR requirements. Failure to have current UCR registration is a violation of FMCSR Part 392.2, a provision requiring that every commercial motor vehicle must be operated in accordance with the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the jurisdiction in which it is being operated. Oregon law, ORS 825.104, was changed in the 2007 legislative session to require interstate for-hire and private carriers to comply with any requirements related to the program. Violations may result in a $435 fine.

Note: The Oregon Department of Transportation receives no part of the fines collected through citations. Fines paid by motor carriers and truck drivers are split between circuit courts, justice courts, or municipal courts, various law enforcement agencies, the Oregon Department of Revenue, and county treasuries.
Oregon enforcement officers are instructed to first ask if the driver is carrying a receipt proving that fees were paid. But since the program does not require that trucks carry paperwork, officers will verify that interstate operators have paid fees by accessing the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) Web site.

The SAFER site is available to anyone who wants to look up public information about interstate operators. On the SAFER home page, scroll to the bottom and click on the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) link to start the inquiry by entering a USDOT Number, MC/MX Number, or Freight Forwarder Number.

Click on Search to open an information screen with fields for "Registration Fee Paid" and "Registration Year." In the example shown here, the fields have a "Y" and "2008" indicating the operator has paid UCR fees for 2008.

(If the USDOT Number is not known, SAFER offers the ability to query a SAFER Company Snapshot by using the interstate operator's name.)