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ODOT Public Transit uses an electronic web-based software for managing grants. The Oregon Public Transit Information System (OPTIS) automates and standardizes many transactions and serves as our system of record. By simply logging into OPTIS, transit providers can access current information such as agreement status, payment history, grant balances, reports, and assets. Validated users receive system privileges and can electronically submit reimbursement requests, enter reporting data, and track grant activities. All transactions are protected by an ODOT portal that allows users secured access to the system and by the use of passwords and other authentication.



Online Training

OPTIS training videos are available for viewing. In 2011 a live OPTIS training session was recorded and split into twelve 15 to 30 minute video segments. Access these videos, hosted on our YouTube channel, and learn at your own pace how to enter periodic reports, request grant reimbursement, track your ODOT Public Transit funded projects, and more.
Click here to access the OPTIS training videos

Other Training

OPTIS experts at ODOT Public Transit are available for individualized telephone trainings. These can be done as one-on-one sessions or via phone conferencing for small groups. Sessions usually take 1 to 2 hours and cover basic OPTIS functionality, grant reimbursement requests, and periodic reporting.
Before a telephone session, your trainer will explain self-registration and get you set up with the proper OPTIS privileges depending on your role. If you are interested in scheduling a training session, send an email request to ODOTPTDReporting@odot.state.or.us.


Users must have an eResponse keyword in order to electronically submit OPTIS documents to RPTD on their agency's behalf. Use this template to provide authorization to RPTD of your approving authority's permission for this privilege.

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