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Type of Permit Description Who Must Apply
Access Management By law, ODOT controls entrances to all state highways (approaches). Permission for a new entrance (approach) to a highway must be granted by ODOT.
Anyone wanting to construct an approach to a state highway, such as a driveway.
Bicycle Racing A permit for holding a bicyle race on a state highway.
Anyone organizing a bicycle race on state highways.
Over-dimension (trucking) A permit for transporting oversize or overweight loads in or through Oregon.
In addition to other requirements for operating in Oregon, motor carriers transporting oversize or overweight loads must obtain a variance permit and the driver must possess that permit prior to transport in or through Oregon.
Trip Permit A valid trip permit allows the temporary operation of a vehicle on Oregon´s public roads and highways. A trip permit may be needed to operate a vehicle when it is currently unregistered or when it is being used in a manner not allowed under the current registration.

Anyone operating an unregistered vehicle or using a vehicle in a manner not allowed under current registration. 
Utility permits and fees Permits for the location, installation, construction, maintenance and use of pole lines, buried cables, pipe lines, signs, miscellaneous operations upon state highway right-of-way and properties under ODOT´s jurisdiction.
Anyone wanting to perform utility or related operations on or near a state highway.