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Freight Highway Bottlenecks List Project

Purpose and Objectives

Bottleneck identification is of national concern. The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act defined the importance of identifying and addressing bottlenecks on the freight system. In our implementation of the Oregon Freight Plan, or OFP, congestion from bottlenecks was identified as a major issue, impairing Oregon’s economy with variations in travel time reliability and rising travel costs. OFP Strategy 2.3 directs the Oregon Department of Transportation to identify and rank bottlenecks on the strategic freight system.

The objectives of this Project include:

  • Identify Oregon data and analytical tools available to provide information relevant to freight movement
  • Develop data-driven freight metrics designed to reveal bottleneck locations
  • Develop an approach to prioritize freight bottleneck locations using an identified set of criteria

Technical Advisory Committee

Feedback and contributions from freight stakeholders are essential for the successful identification and ranking of freight highway bottlenecks. A technical advisory committee, or TAC, was convened for a minimum of three workshops to review data, assess indicators and review the bottlenecks list.


 Roseann O'Laughlin
Project Manager

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