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Oregon Freight Intermodal Connector System Study

Purpose and Objectives

The goal of the Oregon Freight Intermodal Connector System, or OFICS, study is to identify and analyze freight intermodal connectors in Oregon. Connectors are critical components of Oregon's freight system that tie modes together and facilitate distribution of products to users. These connectors are primarily city streets that must handle heavy and large trucks moving between terminals and state highways. If these roads are not in very good condition or have design deficiencies, they can slow freight movement and decrease efficiency. Intermodal connectors must be able to move freight efficiently in order to compete in national and international markets.

The study was guided by a technical advisory committee consisting of a variety of freight stakeholders including local and regional governments, ports and railroads. For the study, criteria were developed to identify additional intermodal connectors beyond the currently designated freight National Highway System, or NHS, Intermodal Connectors. The NHS Intermodal Connectors and the additional intermodal connectors were combined to form the OFICS. A GIS Map Tool was developed to display the freight terminals, the intermodal connectors and the highways they connect to. The OFICS consists of three tiers based on the importance of the intermodal connectors. The current condition and needs of the intermodal connectors were determined through stakeholder surveys, discussions with local agency staff and desktop analysis. A tiered list of freight intermodal connectors was developed to prioritize the needed investments in order to strategically improve the efficient movement of trucks on the intermodal connectors. Finally, the study identified the next steps for implementation. This study was completed in order to address a strategy in the 2011 Oregon Freight Plan and parts of this study will be incorporated the updated plan.

Technical Advisory Committee

Feedback and responses/contributions from freight stakeholders are essential for the successful identification and analysis of the intermodal connectors. A Technical Advisory Committee, or TAC, was convened for a minimum of three workshops to review data, assess conditions and performance and develop a tiered list of intermodal connectors.


 Robin Marshburn
Project Manager


The OFICS GIS Map Tool has been updated.

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