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Oregon Freight Intermodal Connector System Study

Purpose and Objectives

The goal of the Oregon Freight Intermodal Connector System study is to identify and analyze freight intermodal connectors. Connectors are critical components of Oregon's freight system that tie modes together and facilitate distribution of goods. A tiered list of freight intermodal connectors was developed to prioritize needed investments in order to strategically improve the efficient movement of trucks. In addition, connector needs were identified and a GIS mapping tool was developed.

OFICS Intermodal Connectors - GIS Mapping Tool

Technical Advisory Committee

Feedback and responses/contributions from freight stakeholders are essential for the successful identification and analysis of the intermodal connectors. A Technical Advisory Committee, or TAC, was convened for a minimum of three workshops to review data, assess conditions and performance and develop a tiered list of intermodal connectors.

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