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Oregon Public Transportation Plan


The Oregon Department of Transportation is developing a new Oregon Public Transportation Plan, or OPTP, to replace the 1997 version. The new OPTP will provide a statewide vision for the public transportation system and provide a policy foundation to assist transportation agencies in making decisions. The OPTP is one of several mode and topic plans that refine, apply and implement the Oregon Transportation Plan.

The draft vision statement for the new OPTP was developed by the OPTP Policy Advisory Committee and shared with stakeholders and the public in fall 2016. See the Draft Vision and Goals for more information. These drafts may be revised as work on the OPTP continues.

"In 2045, public transportation is an integral, interconnected component of Oregon’s transportation system that makes Oregon’s diverse cities, towns, and communities work. Because public transportation is convenient, affordable, and efficient, it helps further the state’s quality of life and economic vitality and contributes to the health and safety of all residents, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions."

Participate in OPTP Development

Stakeholders and public advice are helping to build the new OPTP. A diverse Policy Advisory Committee, or PAC, is guiding plan development and a Technical Advisory Committee, or TAC, is advising ODOT on specific topics. ODOT is consulting the public throughout and will hold public events during each of the three project milestones. See the Public Involvement Summary for what to expect.

Public participation is critical for a successful plan that works for our whole state. You are welcome to participate throughout plan development:

  • Participate by reviewing products here and on the PAC page, and sending your comments to
  • Participate in person by attending public events or offering comment at PAC meetings.

Stay Up to Date

See the Plan Advisory Committee for PAC meeting information and materials throughout the plan development process.

Sign up for email updates to follow PAC and plan development activities, including public events.


 Lucia Ramirez
Principal Planner

 Jean Palmateer
Region Transit Coordinator

 Michael Rock
Planning Unit Manager

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