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Staff Contacts

Operations and Planning

ODOT Rail Division is responsible for freight and passenger rail planning and operations, as well as for representing railroad customers on service issues. 
 Stacy Snider, Operations Manager     (503) 986-5190
 Joe Denhof, Fiscal Analyst  (503) 986-4169
 Cary Goodman, Rail Program Coordinator  (503) 986-4230
 Kathy Holmes, Rail Program Coordinator  (503) 986-5174
 Bob Melbo, Rail Planner  (503) 986-4137
​ Jennifer Sellers, PNWC Project Manager ​ (503) 480-5556
​ Michael Jenkins, Project Manager ​ (503) 986-4414
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Crossing Safety Section

Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings/Applications
The State, through the Department of Transportation’s Rail Division, has exclusive authority over all public crossings.  The Crossing Application form is available in Adobe Acrobat.
 Richard Shankle, Manager  (503) 986-4273
 Zack Hunter, Rail Crossing Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-6780
​ Carrie Martin, Rail Crossing Compliance Specialist ​ (503) 986-6801
 Prescott Mann, Rail Crossing Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-4322
 Kurt Mohs, Rail Crossing Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-3132
​ David Smith, Crossing Compliance Specialist ​ (503) 986-4095
 Al Sovey, Crossing Signal Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-4272
​John Brown, Crossing Signal Compliance Specialist ​ (503) 986-4097
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Rail Right of Way

ODOT Rail Division manages 150 miles of state-owned railroad right of way along the Astoria Line, which runs from NW Portland to just outside of Astoria, and the Oregon Electric Line, which runs south to Quinaby (North of Keizer).
Cary Goodman, Rail Program Coordinator  (503) 986-4230
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Rail Safety

Track Safety, Railroad Equipment Safety, Operating Practices and Hazardous Materials
ODOT acts as an agent for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) by inspecting track, railroad equipment and cars, hazardous materials and operating practices.
 John Johnson, Manager  (503) 986-4094
 Tim Blaylock, Track Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-4260 
​ Steve Holm, Track Compliance Specialist  ​(503) 986-3258
​ Austin Marshall, Track Compliance Specialist ​ (503) 986-5165
 Alon Kelly, Operating Practices Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-3183 
​ Chris Malm, Operating Proactices Compliance Specialist ​ (503) 986-3547
 Greg Stang, Motive Power & Equipment Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-4393
 Greg Rastatter, Motive Power & Equipment Compliance Specialist  (503) 986-0290
 Chris Kuenzi, Hazardous Materials Compliance Specialist​  (503) 986-3935​
 Ray Hubbell, Hazardous Materials Compliance Specialist​  (503) 986-3486

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Railroad Employee Safety

Railroad Walkway and Clearance Standards
ODOT Rail Division regulates clearances between railroad tracks and structures to ensure the safety of railroad employees. We also inspect tracks, including industrial spurs and sidings for compliance with ODOT regulations.
Richard Shankle, Manager (503) 986-4273
Robyn Pfahler, Employee Safety Compliance Specialist (503) 986-4310
Chuck Gilbert, Employee Safety Compliance Specialist​ (503) 986-3101​
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Transit Safety Oversight

ODOT has responsibility for state safety oversight of transit agencies with rail-fixed guideway systems. In 2001, the Oregon Legislature expanded the state safety oversight to all rail fixed guideway systems, including street cars and trolleys operated by other government bodies.
John Johnson, Manager  (503) 986-4094
Lynda Horst, Rail Transit Compliance Specialist (503) 986-4096
Bob Stolle, Rail Transit Compliance Specialist (503) 986-0618
John Cyrus, Rail Transit Compliance Specialist ​(503) 986-5166
Gary Ferguson, Rail Transit Compliance Specialist​ ​(503) 986-3348

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