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Stakeholder Committee

The STIP Stakeholder Committee was established by the Oregon Transportation Commission in 2001 to advise on policies and procedures related to development of the STIP. Committee members represent diverse transportation interests including freight, private business, public transit, local governments, and state agencies.

STIP Stakeholder Committee Membership List

STIP Stakeholder Committee accomplishments include:

  • Provided initial recommendations for improving the STIP development process to make it more transparent and accessible to stakeholders.
  • Drafted the Oregon Transportation Commission, or OTC, Policy on Formation and Operation of the Area Commissions on Transportation, or ACTs, to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the ACTs and their participation in the STIP development process.
  • Provided the OTC recommended criteria for modernization, preservation, and state bridge projects to be chosen for the first Oregon Transportation Improvement Act, or OTIA I.
  • Drafted the first STIP Project Eligibility Criteria and Prioritization Factors for the modernization, preservation, and state bridge programs for the 2004-2007 STIP, building on the OTIA I criteria.
  • Developed criteria for each STIP since 2004-2007 (every two years).
  • Developed project attributes and cross-modal criteria for the 2018-2021 STIP.

2015-2018 STIP Enhance Process Evaluation


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