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Pedestrian Safety

The goal of the Pedestrian Safety Program is to reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths while promoting walking to improve health and fitness.

 Oregon Pedestrian Fatalities compared to All Oregon Traffic Fatalities, 1995-2015


​The Oregonian Crossing campaign aims to increase awareness of Oregon traffic laws, promote safe and responsible travel behavior, and ultimately reduce the number of people injured or killed.

Oregonian Crossing Campaign Materials are listed below:

Bumper Sticker

Crossing Lawn Sign - English
Crossing Lawn Sign - Spanish
Vida Nocturna Lawn Sign - Spanish

Two-sided Postcard

Signal Poster

The Bigfoot PSA is part of the ODOT and Portland Metro campaign promoting the Oregonian Crossing message. "Every intersection is a legal crosswalk".

Walker the Dog Logo 

Well Trained Walking Safety PSA - Man's best friend has some tips to keep you safe on your next walk in this pedestrian PSA from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Barbur Blvd. Rapid Flashing Beacon Crossing - This video was created to illustrate pedestrian and driver responses in pedestrian crosswalks featuring Rapid Flashing Beacon devices.
Springfield Rapid Flashing Beacon Crossing - Oregon law requires motorists to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk. The City of Springfield's video shows how activation of the Rapid Flashing Beacon alerts drivers to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk and makes the crossing safer for both pedestrians and drivers.
Beacon Buddies Get a Brake - Funded by ODOT, Oregon Safe Routes to School and the U.S. DOT, this video demonstrates how rapid flashing beacons work at a crosswalk. Designed and produced by Animated Traffic Law Center in Eugene, the short video explains the RFB device to both children and adults.

Heidi Manlove
Program Manager

Transportation Safety Division
ODOT-TLC Building, MS 3
4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, OR 97302-1142

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