Oregon Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
Vehicle Miles of Travel (VMT) is the sum of distances traveled by all motor vehicles in a specified system of highways for a given period of time.
The VMT for each road section is calculated by multiplying the average daily traffic (ADT) by the length of the road section and the length of the time period.  Those section VMTs are summed to calculate the VMT for a road or road system.
The VMT is used to determine the amount of use that a highway or system of highways receives over a given period of time. The VMTs supplied here are annual vehicle miles traveled for Oregon´s public road system.
Oregon Statewide VMT History
Total Vehicle Miles Traveled on Oregon public roads.
Oregon Statewide VMT History
Oregon State Highway VMT

Total Vehicle Miles Traveled on Oregon State owned highways.
Oregon State Highway VMT Data

Oregon State Highway VMT Graph

Oregon State Highway VMT by County
Vehicle Miles of Travel on Oregon State owned highways within each county.
State Highway VMT by County Data