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ODOT Maps Help
Downloading map files
Opening PDF map files
Navigating PDF map files
Printing PDF map files
Saving PDF map files
Microstation map files
Downloading map files
File Size and Download Times:
Our map files range from less than 100kb to over 5 Mb in size. We have noted the file size next to each file link for your convenience. For reference, a 28.8k modem downloads approximately 200kb per minute depending on network loads.

Opening PDF map files
Adobe Reader:

Our maps are provided as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
To view and print our PDF map files you will need compatible software such as Adobe Reader.

Please Note: You may not be able to perform all of the functions outlined in these help pages if you are using an older version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are using an older version of Adobe Reader we recommend installing the latest version.
If you are having problems opening our PDF maps try the following:
  • Visit Adobe Reader Support and view the current top issues.
  • Save the PDF file to your computer and then open from your hard drive.
  • Close your web browser and Acrobat Reader if they are open. Then try to open the map again.
  • Clear the cache, history, and temporary internet files from your hard drive.
  • Check out the User Guide produced for Acrobat Reader.
  • Visit the Adobe Support page.

Navigating PDF map files
Here are some features of Adobe Reader that will help you navigate while working with PDF documents. This image is similar to what you will see in your browser when you open a PDF map file from our site.
Thumbnail view - Allows you to view a thumbnail (small image) that was created for the map
Pan Function - Icon shaped like a hand. Allows you to move around the image.
Zoom Tool - Icon shaped like a magnifying glass. Allows you to zoom in or zoom out of the image.

Printing PDF map files
Printing Issues:
There is no guarantee that a larger paper size and higher resolution printer will improve your printed copy. A good rule of thumb for high quality printing is Arch C (24in. x 18in.) or ANSI C (22in. x 17in.) size paper at 600 dpi. Printing on smaller paper sizes and lower resolutions can produce varying results. This is due to the fact that the original maps are produced on large paper sizes. When you print on small paper sizes like 8.5in. x 11in. you are reducing the map.

How to Print a Map:
  • Click on the ´Printer´ icon on the Acrobat Reader toolbar
  • Or right-click on the image and choose ´Print...´ from the context menu
  • Or use your browser´s native printing capabilities (see browser help.)

How to Select a Graphic Area:
Click on the Graphic Select Tool (see image) then select an area to print or copy.

To select an area click on the image with your left mouse button, drag the mouse button across the part of the map you are interested in, then release the button once you´ve created a box.

How to Print a Selected Area of a PDF map:
When attempting to print with a graphic area selected the ´Selected graphic´ Print Range option in the Print dialog window will automatically be chosen. With this option chosen only the selected portion of the map will be printed.

Also in the Print dialog window, Adobe Reader provides options for stretching or reducing the selected image to the print margins. Options might include, ´Fit to page´, ´Expand small pages to paper size´, ´Shrink oversized pages to paper size´, etc. depending on the version of your software. Uncheck these options to maintain the original size and scale of the selected image.
Click OK to print.

How to Copy a selected area of a PDF map to another application such as Word or Paint:
With an area of the map selected, right-click on the map then choose ´Copy´ from the context menu. Now you can use ´Paste´ in an application such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint to transfer the image.

Please Note: not all applications will allow you to paste images.

Saving PDF map files
To save a PDF file to a disk drive from Adobe Reader click on the ´floppy disk´ icon (see image.) A dialog box will then prompt for a location to save. Browse to a location on disk and then click ´Save.´


Microstation map files
For current Microstation file and level information please see our Microstation Design files page.