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Transportation Data Unit Contacts

Crash Analysis And Reporting Unit

Crash Analysis And Reporting Unit Contacts
The Crash Analysis and Reporting (CAR) Unit provides motor vehicle crash data through database creation, maintenance and quality assurance, information and reports, and limited database access. Ten years of crash data is maintained at all times. Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) is a comprehensive file on fatal crashes in Oregon. The motor carrier file contains detailed information on truck related crashes.
 Crash Program Coordination  Robin Ness   503-986-4236
 Crash Casework  Sylvia Vogel   503-986-4240
 Crash Data Reports  Sylvia Vogel   503-986-4240
​ Crash Data Reports Kim Ward ​ 503-986-4237
 Annual Crash Publications | Special Projects  Theresa Heyn   503-986-4233
 Special Projects   
 Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)  Kathy Jones   503-986-4248
 Motor Carrier Crashes  Anita Johnson   503-986-3507

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Geographic Information Services Unit

Geographic Information Services Unit Contacts
The Geographic Information Services (GIS) Unit is responsible for preparation of Oregon Transportation Map Bases and Enlargement Area maps; Official State Highway Maps; Geographic Information System (GIS)  products; and custom mapping. 

 GIS Unit Manager
(503) 986-3156
​​ Environmental GIS Program Manager
(503) 986-3733
Spatial Data Administrator / GIS Coordinator
(503) 986-4252
OR-Trans Project Manager
(503) 986-3164
GIS Systems Analyst
(503) 986-3163
GIS Systems Analyst
(503) 986-3527
Senior GIS Analyst
(503) 986-3298
Senior GIS Analyst
(503) 986-3423
GIS Analyst
(503) 986-3724
GIS Analyst
(503) 986-3726
GIS Analyst
(503) 986-4136
GIS Analyst
(503) 986-3165
GIS Analyst
(503) 986-4161
GIS Technician
(503) 986-3162
GIS Technician
(503) 986-3155

Map Distribution
Oregon Department of Transportation
Geographic Information Services Unit
555 13th St. NE, Suite 2
Salem, OR 97301-4178

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Road Inventory & Classification Services

Road Inventory & Classification Services Contacts
The Road Inventory and Classification Services (RICS) Unit is part of the Transportation Data Section. This unit is responsible for; administration of the Functional Classification (FC) program; collection and maintenance of road information necessary to classify and monitor the highways, roads, and streets within Oregon; providing mileage statistics; development, maintenance and enhancement of ODOT’s corporate data base known as the “Integrated Transportation and Inventory System” (ITIS). This unit is also responsible for the State Highway Video Log.
 Integrated Transportation Information Systems   Diana Mann  503-986-4140
 Mileage Control  Dan Kaplan   503-986-3160
 Digital Video Log   Danny Spaulding   503-986-3158
 Functional ClassificationNational Highway System   Charles (B) McConnell   503-986-4386
 Hwy Performance Monitoring Sys (HPMS) & Certified Mileage  Jennifer Campbell  503-986-4149
 Public Road Inventory (PRI)  Danny Spaulding   503-986-4143
Straightline Charts Jim Gavin ​ 503-986-3158

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Transportation Systems Monitoring

Transportation Systems Monitoring Contacts
The Transportation Systems Monitoring (TSM) Unit is responsible for the Traffic Monitoring Program, which provides vehicle class and traffic volumes for Federal, State, local, and private decision makers. The unit is also responsible for the collection, quality assurance, compilation, and reporting of data from permanent and short-term count sites. 
 Team Leader  Don Crownover   503-986-4132
 Traffic Monitoring Program   April Chase   503-986-4130
 Traffic Data Analyst  Steve Chance   503-986-3221
 Field Coordinator  Dara Gayler   503-986-4153
 Traffic Data Analyst    
 Transportation Analyst     

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