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Oregon Public Transportation Plan


The next Policy Advisory Committee meeting will be July 26, 2016.

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Lucia Ramirez
ODOT Planning

Brooke Jordan
ODOT Planning

Jean Palmateer
Rail and Public Transit Division

Amanda Pietz
ODOT Planning Unit Manager

ODOT has begun work to develop a new Oregon Public Transportation Plan (OPTP). The OPTP is one of several statewide transportation mode and topic plans that refine, apply, and implement the Oregon Transportation Plan's (OTP) goals, policies, strategies, and key initiatives.

The new OPTP will provide a statewide vision for the public transportation system, and describe the role of public transit in contributing to the transportation system overall. The Plan will provide a policy framework to inform decision making and guide investments strategies described in public transportation plans, transportation system plans, facility plans, the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program and other programs.

The new OPTP will be a joint effort between two ODOT divisions. Transportation Development’s Planning Unit staff will manage the plan development process and public outreach. The Rail and Public Transit Division will provide content expertise and assist with plan development activities and public outreach.

The original Oregon Public Transportation Plan was adopted in 1997, and many regulatory, demographic, and societal changes have occurred since then, creating a need for a new OPTP to better provide policy direction for today. The OPTP also needs to be updated to be consistent with the current OTP and other state mode and topic plans.

Initial ODOT objectives for the new OPTP include:
  • Provide a long-range vision for public transportation and a policy framework to help shape the public transportation system over the next 20 or more years.
  • Discuss methods to improve and enhance public transportation services consistent with state and federal planning goals and guidance and in light of current fiscal realities.
  • Address how transit can serve goals such as accessibility, availability, connectivity, economic development and social equity.
  • Address the state’s publicly funded transportation system, including rural and urban transit, special needs transportation and intercity bus services, as well as connections between public transportation system elements and with the transportation system overall.
  • Describe the existing public transportation system and present a strategic approach to improving public transportation in the future, without listing specific investments. Instead the OPTP framework will help local and regional transit providers prioritize and decide on specific investments for their networks.

Plan Development Process

OPTP development is guided by stakeholders. A diverse Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) serves as a project steering committee. In addition to the PAC, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will participate in the OPTP development to advise ODOT on specific topics. TAC members represent stakeholders who will help implement the OPTP and stakeholders who are affected by the plan.

ODOT began the OPTP process prior to convening the PAC and TAC by conducting interviews with a sample of stakeholders from around the state regarding what may need to be considered in the plan. Stakeholders interviewed included large and small public transportation providers, business groups, other state agencies, and ODOT staff. These stakeholders' initial advice is captured in a summary of themes. Next, the project team began OPTP pre-work to research current conditions and opportunities for public transportation. This included a survey of public transportation providers and a workshop at the 2015 Oregon Public Transportation Conference, to learn from transit providers about the trends and opportunities affecting their service. See the summary of themes and ideas from the survey and workshop for what was learned.

These themes heard so far were shared with the PAC as they began their work to guide OPTP development. OPTP development is expected to take about two years from when the PAC began its work in April 2016. See the OPTP Development General Timeline for more information.

How to Participate

You are invited to participate in the development of the new OPTP. The easiest way for you to follow PAC and plan development activities, including public events, is to sign up for email updates when new information is posted to this site. Public involvement is critical to ensuring a successful plan that works for our whole state. OPTP public events, meetings, and PAC materials will all be posted to this site.

You are welcome to comment on the OPTP throughout its development. Please send comments on the plan to OPTP@odot.state.or.us. If you have questions about the plan or the OPTP development process, you can also use the contacts listed on the right.