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About Us

Office of Private Health Partnerships

The Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP) administers programs designed to increase the number of Oregonians and businesses with health insurance.

To encourage and assist Oregon small businesses and consumers in making informed health insurance choices by providing outreach, education, and referral services; and by providing access to health insurance through programs for low-income, uninsured Oregonians.

OPHP administers the following programs:

  • Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP)
  • Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP)
  • Healthy KidsConnect (HKC)
  • Information, Education, and Outreach (IEO)

Family Health Insurance Assistance Program

OPHP administers the Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP). Established by the Oregon Legislature, FHIAP expands access to health insurance for low-income Oregonians.

The program helps uninsured, income-eligible Oregonians afford private health insurance by paying part of the cost of monthly premiums. FHIAP pays from 50 to 95 percent (100 percent for children under 19) of the member premium for Oregonians who are uninsured and meet income and other guidelines.

Individuals and families use FHIAP subsidies to pay for insurance at work. FHIAP may be able to help with the purchase of an individual health plan if insurance is not available through an employer. With FHIAP, many Oregonians cover their entire family for just a few dollars a month instead of hundreds.

Oregon Medical Insurance Pool

The Oregon Medical Insurance Pool (OMIP) is the high-risk health insurance pool for the state. OMIP is guided by a citizen board of directors and was established by the Oregon Legislature to cover adults and children who are unable to obtain medical insurance because of health conditions.

OMIP also provides a way to continue insurance coverage for those who exhaust COBRA benefits and have no other options.

Since issuing its first policy in 1987, OMIP has insured tens of thousands of Oregonians who otherwise would have had no health benefit coverage.

Healthy KidsConnect

Healthy Kids provides coverage for Oregon's uninsured children age 18 and under. The plan offers comprehensive health care coverage that includes dental, vision, mental health, and physical health care. It provides options for families at all income levels, removes barriers to accessing health care coverage, and builds on existing programs already available to Oregon families.

There are three avenues of coverage: 1) Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Plus (Medicaid); 2) Employer Sponsored Insurance (ESI)/group insurance; or 3) Healthy KidsConnect, a private market insurance option. Plan placement depends on a family's income and circumstances. A family will be told which plan offerings are available through Healthy Kids once eligibility is determined.

OPHP administers Healthy KidsConnect (HKC), the private market insurance component of Healthy Kids (HKC). HKC is for families that earn too much to qualify for the Oregon Health Plan, but can't afford private health insurance.

OPHP also administers the ESI/group component. Those with access to ESI with incomes up through 301 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) can receive premium assistance in the form of a reimbursement. The employer plan must meet a minimum level of benefits. 

Information, Education, and Outreach

The Information, Education, and Outreach (IEO) unit supports OPHP's goal of helping all Oregonians receive health benefit coverage.

IEO works to establish relationships with private-sector partners, train insurance producers (agents), and educate stakeholders and the community on the benefits and processes associated with enrollment in Oregon's insurance programs.

IEO's current outreach and training efforts include:

  • Insurance Producer Education
    IEO trains insurance producers in general health insurance information and the state programs that help insure Oregonians, as well as the changes in state insurance law.
  • Employer/Employee Education
    IEO conducts employer presentations targeting at educating employees on general health insurance information and public programs that can assist them in accessing health coverage for themselves and their families.
  • Community Outreach/Awareness
    IEO conducts presentations for non-profits, business associations, service groups, and other community and civic organizations, general health insurance information, and the state programs that help insure Oregonians, as well as the changes in state insurance law.

    IEO also conducts targeted community outreach/enrollment events that are aligned with private partner trainings in targeted regions.
  • Producer Referral Program
    IEO connects business owners and individuals with insurance producers (agents) who have been specially trained through IEOs insurance producer education on state administered health insurance programs. Insurance producers help businesses navigate the insurance system and find the appropriate plans that meet the needs of families and employees.