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Performance Measures

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Program Announcement CDC-RFA-DP07-704 State Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Programs Notice of Availability of Funds requires that funded states comply with the following performance standards. See FOA for more details.

Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)CDC-RFA-DP07-704 (pdf)

Capacity Building Performance Measures (Oregon is currently at this level of funding)


  • Collaborate with State health department partners on the planning and implementation of at least one capacity building activity or State heart disease and stroke prevention plan activity.
  • Leverage resources from external partners to facilitate the development or implementation of the State heart disease and stroke prevention plan. Provide two narrative examples.

By the end of year 1:

  • Employ one full-time project manager.
  • Employ one half-time chronic disease epidemiologist
  • Develop a heart disease and stroke burden profile for program planning and training.
  • Establish a State partnership comprising diverse partners.
  • Develop a plan for convening and maintaining a State partnership.
  • Convene one partnership meeting toward the development of a State plan.

By the end of year 2:

  • Complete a training needs assessment. Develop and implement a training plan to increase the capacity of staff and partners.
  • Publish in hard copy a State heart disease and stroke burden report.

By the end of year 3:

  • Publish in hard copy a comprehensive State plan that uses burden and assessment findings; addresses prevention of heart disease and stroke; addresses heart disease and stroke risk factors; proposes policy and systems changes as approaches to the 6 priority areas: identifies how progress toward successful achievement of the plan will be evaluated; and documents partner involvement in planning and implementing the State plan.
  • Complete an evaluation of the State partnership, including, for example, partner satisfaction, commitment and involvement, infrastructure and functioning, effectiveness and outcomes, and sustainability.
  • Develop an approach to implementing the State plan as part of the program work plan.

By the end of year 4:

  • Implement the State plan in collaboration with partners using policy and systems change to address the 6 State HDSP program priority areas.
  • Develop an implementation plan for at least 2 population-based, policy or systems change interventions in 1 or more of the State HDSP program priority areas, in collaboration with partners.

By the end of year 5:

  • Implement and initiate evaluation of a small scale version of at least 1 of the population-based interventions proposed in year 4.
  • Update the burden profile
  • Meet all criteria for requesting Basic Implementation funds and apply for Basic Implementation funding.

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