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WIC training supervisors

Resources for training supervisors

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Training supervisor tool kit

Training supervisor guides

Training certificates

The WIC Training Module completion certificate can be downloaded and completed by the WIC Training Coordinator each time a staff member successfully completes a WIC Training Module.

Training plans and resources by position

Position Resources
Breastfeeding Coordinator

Roles and responsibilities (Appendix A in Policy 710)

Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Coordinator Roles and responsibilities (Appendix A in Policy 716)
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Roles and responsibilities (Appendix B in Policy 716)
Clerical Competency model

Sample Training Plan (Appendix C in Policy 440)

Competencies (Appendix A in Policy 660)

Training checklist

Training Supervisor Roles and responsibilities (Appendix B in Policy 440)
WIC Coordinator

Training Plan


Training Checklist

WIC Nutritionist

Essential competency tables

Checklist for RDs completing CPA requirements

Application for reimbursement for WIC nutritionist training time

Training supervisors forum

Kickoff meeting, May 4-5, 2015

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