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Environmental Health Registration Board - Laws and Rules


Oregon revised statutes 700.005-700.240 and 700.992-700.995 - Environmental Health Registration Board

Oregon revised statutes ORS 676.575-676.625 and 676.990-676.992 - Health Licensing Office Laws


Oregon administrative rules Chapter 338, Divisions 005-030 - Environmental Health Registration Board

Oregon administrative rules Chapter 331, Divisions 001-030 - Health Licensing Office

Proposed and recently adopted rules

Current rulemaking

The Environmental Health Registration Board is not currently engaging in rulemaking.

Recently adopted rules

The Health Licensing Office (Office) adopted new administrative rules for the Environmental Health Registration Board, effective July 1, 2015.

The rules, which you can read here, update the Health Licensing name (it is an Office now, not an agency) and reduce the late fee for a delinquent renewal of registration from a sliding scale to a fixed rate per year up to three years.

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