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Addressing Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
in Oregon

An Overview
All Oregonians should be protected from housing discrimination. When you are attempting to rent a home, buy a home, get a mortgage, or secure home insurance, you cannot be denied or treated differently based on being part of a protected class.

As part of this protection, the federal government requires the state to submit a certification that it will affirmatively further fair housing (Code of federal Regulations, 24 CFR 91.325). Affirmatively furthering fair housing means the state must do more than prevent housing discrimination. It must affirmatively work to advance fair housing in the state, which means it must:

  • Conduct an Analysis of Impediments (AI) to identify impediments to fair housing choice within the state,
  • Take appropriate actions to address the impediments identified; and,
  • Document the actions the state took to address the impediments.

Current Analysis
2011-2015 Oregon Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (.pdf)

2014 Plans
Some of the work Oregon will do in 2014 to address impediments to fair housing choice includes:

  • Test for LGBT discrimination in assisted living facilities based on gender and sexual orientation;
  • Conduct education and outreach activities for rental housing providers, housing consumers and social service advocates;
  • Provide fair housing training on affirmatively furthering fair housing, affirmative fair marketing planning, and NIMBYism for project sponsors, property management staff, and State agency staff;
  • Create a model code to ensure local housing, under development, includes accessible features to improve access for people with disabilities and improve options for individuals to age in place;
  • Provide Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Litigation Forums in Eastern Oregon and Central Oregon;
  • Conduct audit testing focused on protected classes;
  • Support mass media outreach activities and development of a system for measuring effectiveness of outreach;
  • Support intake and processing of citizen complaints with allegations of housing discrimination; Enforce fair housing laws through the state Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI), Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO), and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); and
  • Implement new legislation, which prohibits the discrimination of renters in the state who use federal Housing Choice Vouchers issued by their local Public Housing Authority.

Upcoming Efforts
Oregon has begun planning efforts to conduct a new analysis of impediments to fair housing choice by collaborating with local government and private agencies that provide assisted-living housing, health and social services, state and regionally based organizations that represent protected class members, and organizations that enforce fair housing laws.

Fair Housing Statewide Training Schedule

What is Fair Housing?


Equal Housing Opportunity Logo
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