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Facility Self-Inspection Checklist
Useful Resource to Help Facilities, Independent Contractors

Conducting a monthly self-inspection of your facility and independent contractor work station(s) can help you stay in compliance with cosmetology regulations.  Monthly self-inspections should reduce or even eliminate violations when the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) conducts inspections. 

Ultimately, staying in compliance means you'll be enhancing the service you provide to your clients by promoting health and safety.
Date of Inspection ________     Inspected by_____________________


Facility License
  • Ensure that there is a facility license.
  • Ensure the facility license is properly posted (visible to the public).
  • Ensure the business name on the facility license is correct.
  • Ensure the address on the facility license matches the physical location of the business.
  • Ensure the expiration date on the facility license is current.
  • Ensure the facility license has not been altered in any manner.



Practitioners / Independent Contractor Licensing
  • Ensure all employees / contractors have all required certifications and registrations.
  • Ensure all employees / contractor licensing documents are properly posted.  Licenses should be visible to the public.  Independent contractor registrations should be posted at work stations.
  • Ensure the name on employee / contractor licenses are correct.
  • Ensure the expiration date on employee / contractor licenses are correct.
  • Ensure the expiration date on employee / contractor licenses are current.
  • Ensure employee / contractor licenses have not been altered in any manner except for blocking out personal / home address information.
  • Ensure all employees / contractors are listed with OHLA as working at the facility.



Work Stations
  • Ensure high- and low-level disinfectants are being used properly.  High level disinfectants must have the word tuberculocidal on the product labeling.
  • Ensure all implements, tools and single-use items are properly disinfected, stored or discarded.
  • Ensure work station surfaces and equipment are clean, and made of non-absorbent materials.
  • Ensure all drawers, cabinets and storage areas are clean.
  • Ensure customer records are properly obtained / retained when required (examples:  nail, waxing, and laser).
  • Ensure practitioners are using neck strips, clean capes, and washing hands between clients.



Common Areas
  • Ensure shampoo bowls / sinks are clean.
  • Ensure walls, ceilings, and floors are clean.
  • Ensure there is hot and cold running water.
  • Ensure chemicals / products are stored properly and labeled.
  • Ensure clothes washer and dryer are on proper settings.
  • Ensure chemically saturated items are placed in a fire retardant container with a lid.
  • Ensure blood / bodily fluids are placed in a sealable bag prior to disposal.
  • Ensure sharps are disposed of in proper sharps container.
  • Ensure towels used on clients are clean.
  • Ensure soiled towels are placed in a covered container.
  • Ensure clean towels and linens are stored in a clean area.
  • Ensure there is an employee restroom and that it is properly maintained.
  • Ensure there are no animals within the facility.  Guide and service related animals are exempt.
  • Ensure there are no electrical fire hazards.
  • Ensure clients, employees and contractors are not smoking within the facility.
  • Ensure foot spas are cleaned / disinfected properly.  When inspecting, remove drain covers.  There should be no debris inside / stuck on the drain.  Foot spas must be cleaned between clients using a high-level disinfectant.



Printer-Friendly Versions in Word, PDF

Facility Self-Inspection Checklist (Word)

Facility Self-Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Questions?  Contact OHLA Regulatory Division

If you have any questions, contact OHLA's Regulatory Operations Division, 700 Summer Street NE, Suite 320, Salem, OR  97301-1287

Phone:  503-373-2024      Email: ohla.info@state.or.us