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March 25, 2013

Key Issues of the Board of Direct Entry Midwifery
Central Issues highlights key issues the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) is addressing in collaboration with the multiple health and related boards the agency oversees.  In this issue, Central Issues looks at the latest news from the Board of Direct Entry Midwifery.
Legislative Workgroup Reviews Midwifery Issues; Bill Introduced

The Oregon State Legislature's House Health Care Committee has
designated a Legislative Workgroup to review current policies and laws for licensed direct entry midwives in Oregon.

The workgroup, led by Representatives Alissa Keny-Guyer and Julie Parrish, has met several times to discuss a number of topics, including mandatory licensure, birth outcomes, midwifery licensing fees and the possibility of the Board of Direct Entry Midwifery becoming an autonomous board, with control over administrative rulemaking and investigations.

OHLA staff has attended the meetings to provide education regarding agency and board operations but has remained neutral on the issues discussed.

The House Committee on Health Care is sponsoring House Bill 2997, which would make midwifery licensure mandatory and would grant the Board of Direct Entry Midwifery authority related to administrative rulemaking, investigations and discipline.

To track HB 2997, use the Oregon Legislative Information System at https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2013R1/Measures/Overview/HB2997.  Click on "Meeting Material/Exhibits" to view testimony on the bill.

Letter Sent to All Licensed Midwives Regarding MANA Stats

As of June 1, 2012, all licensed direct entry midwives (LDMs) were
required to begin submitting a copy of their individual Midwifery Alliance of North America (MANA) Statistics Annual Summary Report to OHLA.

The Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) has mailed all active and inactive LDMs in Oregon information on how to work with MANA to produce a report, including information on how to retrospectively enter birth data if you have not been logging that information with MANA as you begin providing care to new clients.

"We are working with MANA to make this new requirement as user friendly as possible," says OHLA Licensing and Fiscal Services Manager Sylvie McMillan.  "Ultimately, this information will assist us in providing data to improve midwifery care in Oregon."


Board to Revisit Uniform Risk Information for Clients
Due to a lack of stakeholder consensus, the Board of Direct Entry Midwifery has removed the requirement to provide midwifery clients with uniform risk information related to "special circumstance" births (vaginal birth after cesarean, breech birth, post-date birth and multiple births).  Licensed midwives must continue to provide informed concent regarding their services, but this information is no longer required to be uniform for special circumstance births.
OHLA and the board will wait until after this year's session of the Oregon State Legislature to address the issue in administrative rulemaking.

Board Issues "Issue Response" on Vitamin K Injection

The Board of Direct Entry Midwifery issued an Issue Response on February 13, 2013, which responds to the question, "May a Licensed Direct Entry Midwife purchase and administer Vitamin K injection?"

The answer is "Yes," under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 687.493(1-3).

Click here to view the entire issue response.



Four Member Vacancies on Board of Direct Entry Midwifery
The Board of Direct Entry Midwifery has the following opportunities to
serve on the board and encourages applicants to complete an application / interest form and submit it to the Governor's Office of Executive Appointments:
  • One physician practicing obstetrical care or education at the time of appointment

  • Two licensed direct entry midwives

  • One certified nurse midwife
For more information, contact the Governor's Office of Executive Appointments or the Oregon Health Licensing Agency. 
Click here to download an application / interest form from the Governor's Office of Executive Appointments.
Governor's Office of Executive Appointments
Contact an OHLA board specialist at 503-378-8667 or ohla.info@state.or.us.
Midwifery in the News:  Coordinated Care Organizations

The Lund Report, which covers Oregon healthcare, summarized in its January 31, 2013 online edition a key issue affecting licensed direct entry midwives:  reimbursement for their services through the Oregon Health Plan.

With the switch from managed care to Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), Oregon Health Plan reimbursement for licensed midwives has become more of an issue, The Lund Report says.

Click here to access The Lund Report article

By the Numbers


As of February 12, 2013 since July 1, 2011:

Total number of licensed midwives 78
​Licenses issued ​21
​Renewals processed ​96
Complaints received ​27
​Ending cash balance ​-$33,783.94
​Ending cash balance (projected for 6/30/2013) ​-$61,956.30
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