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Central Issues

March 26, 2013

Key Issues of the Nursing Home Administrators Board
Central Issues highlights key issues the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA) is addressing in collaboration with the multiple health and related boards the agency oversees.  In this issue, we look at the latest news from the Nursing Home Administrators Board.


Three Questions For:  2013 Board Chair Nicolle King Deering 

Q:  How do you see your role as board chair?

A:  Besides keeping board meetings in order, focused, and moving along productively, I think my role as board chair is to fully understand the role of the board as a whole and how it functions within the framework of the Oregon Health Licensing Agency (OHLA).

Beyond that, my role is to work closely with the OHLA director and staff to ensure we're all on the same page on the issues, even if there may be differing views among individual board members.


Q:  What in your view is the role of the board?

A:  To provide profession-specific knowledge and expertise as well as a public member perspective to OHLA staff.  We really are a team that combines our knowledge of the profession with OHLA's understanding of the regulatory framework within which we work. 

We, as board members, need to understand that we have been appointed to serve the public interest first and foremost, rather than the goals of our profession's association.

However, that doesn't mean we can't work collaboratively with our professional associations and other stakeholder groups on issues of common interest.  But we have to remember that public protection interests come first. We also strive to maintain a high level of competency amongst administrators and ensure onging professional integrity.


Q:  How do you see OHLA's role in working with the board?

A: OHLA keeps the board on track by reminding us of our role as a board, which is public protection first, that we are not acting as a professional association.

I see the agency's role as understanding issues in our profession enough to know which issues are ones to pursue and which ones are better acted upon by the associations or professional groups.

OHLA provides overall oversight and administration for everything the board may address, from our budget to rulemaking and legislation.

Click here to read Nicolle King Deering's biography.


Proposed Legislation Aims to Include Examination Requirement for Applicants for Licensure through Reciprocity

The Nursing Home Administrators Board is included in Senate Bill 107,
OHLA Professions, which aims to make specific changes in state law for five OHLA professions, including nursing home administrators.

SB 107, if passed in this year's Oregon Legislative Assembly, would eliminate the phrase "without examination" for applicants for licensure through reciprocity.

The statutory change would allow the board to determine if an examination is necessary for licensure applicants through reciprocity.

Licensure through reciprocity is one of five licensure pathways for nursing home administrators in Oregon.  Reciprocity allows nursing home administrators licensed in another state or US territory with licensing requirements at least equivalent to Oregon requirements to become licensed in Oregon, if they have no current or pending disciplinary action.

Click here to access Senate Bill 107.

New Members Welcomed to Board

The Nursing Home Administrators Board welcomes the following new board members:

Matthew Getz
Click here to read Matthew Getz's biography.



Jennifer Woolley

Click here to read Jennifer Woolley's biography.


Board Updating Oregon Laws & Rules Examination

The board's Education & Examination Committee is
currently working to update the Oregon Laws & Rules Examination. 

While keeping the same number of questions at 50, the committee is considering adding a time limit and skill-based questions.

The examination will also be moved from a paper test onto a computer-based format.

Committee members are also exploring preparing an oral examination which includes a measurable platform based on the current Administrator in Training program and includes objective scoring criteria.

The updated examination is expected to be in place and administered by November 15, 2013.

Click here for more information.


Getz Reports on NAB Mid-Year Meeting

Board member Matthew Getz attended the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) Mid_Year Meeting and provided a report at the board's March 21, 2013 regular meeting. 

His report can be found on pages 24-26 of the board meeting materials, linked below.

Click here to access the March 21, 2013 board meeting materials, including a report on the NAB Mid-Year Meeting.

New Consumer Brochure Produced

OHLA has produced a new consumer brochure for the board that includes general information about nursing homes, how consumers can report unsatisfactory conditions, and standards of professional conduct for nursing home administrators.

Click here to access the new consumer brochure


By the Numbers:  Board Statistics
(As of March 7, 2013 for the 2011-2013 biennium beginning July 1, 2011)
Permanent - Nursing Home Administrator: ​422
Administrator in Training: 21
​New Administrator in Training: ​27
Preceptor Registrations Issued 1
Permanent Licenses Issued 65
​Temporary Licenses Issued ​2
Renewals Processed ​62
​National Examination Passed ​26
​National Examination Failed ​7
​State Examination Passed ​36
​State Examination Failed ​21
​Complaints Received 13
​Fiscal Overview
2011-13 Beginning Cash Balance (7/1/11) $109,527.77
Ending Cash Balance (Projected for 6/30/13) ​$117,496.66


News You Can Use:  Resources for Licensees, Consumers

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