Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 331-010-0040
Notification Requirements
Notification of a change in any authorization holder’s licensing information must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the change to the agency by written notice given in person at the agency office, by regular U.S. Postal Service, facsimile transmission, Web-based interactive data collection or electronic mail. A change in information includes, but is not limited to the following:
(1) Authorization holders:
(a) Name -- first or last. Approved documentation is required, such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, court judgment documents, or other agency approved documentation;
(b) Residential or mailing address;
(c) Area code and telephone number;
(d) Employment status; or
(e) Work location.
(2) Facility license holders:
(a) Facility name or Assumed Business Name as filed with Secretary of State, Corporations Division under 648.007;
(b) Business telephone number, including area code;
(c) General hours of operation;
(d) Address change resulting from city or U.S. Postal Service action; or
(e) Closure or sale of business facility or practice.
(3) Independent contractor registration holders:
(a) Facility name, physical address, telephone number and license number;
(b) General hours of operation;
(c) Changing permanent work location;
(d) Performing services at multiple licensed facilities on a permanent or temporary basis;
(e) Ceasing to operate as an independent contractor before expiration of the registration to avoid late renewal payment if reactivation may occur within one year of the expiration date.

See the Customer Information Update Form on the HLO Forms page.