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HLO-Regulated Professions

Athletic Training

Athletic trainer  
Athletic trainers prevent, recognize and evaluate athletic injuries and provide immediate care, rehabilitation and reconditioning services to athletes. Athletic trainers work in cooperation with physicians and other allied health personnel and function as an integral member of the athletic health care team at secondary schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional sports programs and other athletic health care settings. 
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Behavior Analysis

The Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board licenses and registers professionals who offer behavior analytic services to children diagnosed with autism.

Behavior Analysis Regulatory Board

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Barbering includes the practice of shaving, trimming, or cutting of the beard, and the arranging, cutting, styling, dressing, shampooing, cleansing and conditioning or temporary curling of hair. Unlike hair designers, barbers cannot apply chemical treatments such as coloring, dyeing, relaxing and permanent waves.
A separate discipline from hair design, barbering is one of four fields of cosmetology practice in Oregon. The other three fields of practice are esthetics, hair design and nail technology.

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Body Piercing

Body piercing technicians perform piercing services, including earlobe piercing, in licensed facilities. Body piercing technicians must be registered and adhere to stringent universal precautions for sterilization of needles and equipment, biohazard waste disposal and infection control practices formulated to state and national standards.
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Denture Technology

Denturists construct, repair, reline, reproduce, duplicate, supply, fit or alter removable prosthetic dental appliances; otherwise known as dentures. In the fitting process, denturists also take impressions, bite registrations, try-ins or insertions. Denturists provide full dentures to replace complete sets of original teeth that are missing in the upper, lower or both sections of the mouth, or partial dentures, which fit sections of the mouth in which some of the original teeth remain.
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Dietitians integrate and apply principles derived from the sciences of nutrition, biochemistry, food, management, physiology and behavioral and social sciences to achieve and maintain the health of people through:
  • Assessing the nutritional needs of clients;
  • Establishing priorities, goals and objectives that meet nutritional needs of clients;
  • Advising and assisting individuals or groups on appropriate nutritional intake by integrating information from a nutritional assessment with information on food and other sources of nutrients and meal preparation; and
  • Evaluating and making changes in food, diets and nutrition services, maintaining appropriate standards of nutritional quality in food and maintaining appropriate standards of nutrition services.
Board of Licensed Dietitians
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Electrologists, through a series of treatments, permanently remove hair from the skin by inserting a sterile needle-conductor into the hair follicle and directing electrical energy toward the hair cell. Electrologists work in beauty salons, in collaboration with dermatologists, and in private practice.
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Environmental Health

Environmental Health Specialist
Environmental health specialists promote the control of infectious disease through environmental hygiene by enforcing health and safety standards relating to food, water and consumer products. Environmental health specialists collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate information about health events through public health "surveillance" to track and anticipate possible health problems, such as outbreaks of foodborne illness or disease.

Environmental Health Specialist Trainee
After meeting the entry-to-practice requirements of Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 700.030, applicants are issued a registration to practice as an environmental health specialist under supervision in order to complete the required training, education and work experience required by ORS 700.035 for registration as an environmental health specialist.
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Estheticians provide services to keep skin healthy and attractive. Estheticians use their hands or mechanical or electrical apparatuses or appliances for cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, exfoliating or applying lotions or creams and for the temporary removal of hair, makeup artistry, facial and body wrapping, and facial and body waxing.
Esthetics is one of four individual fields of cosmetology practice in Oregon.  The other three fields of practice are barbering, hair design and nail technology. 

Board of Cosmetology
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Hair Design

Hair designers cut, trim and style hair and apply chemical treatments such as coloring, dyeing, relaxing and permanent waves. Hair designers also shampoo, cleanse and condition hair as well as provide services such as temporary curling and braiding.
A separate discipline from barbering, hair design is one of four fields of cosmetology practice in Oregon. The other three fields of practice are barbering, esthetics and nail technology.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing

Hearing Aid Specialist

Anyone who sells, leases or rents hearing aids in conjunction with the evaluation or measurement of human hearing must be licensed as a hearing aid specialist. However, the licensing requirement does not apply to a physician licensed under ORS chapter 677, or an  audiologist licensed under ORS chapter 681. Hearing aid specialists recommend, select or adapt hearing aids and may alter, adjust or reconstruct hearing aids specifications for proper functionality, such as taking ear impressions for proper fit.

Hearing Aid Specialist Temporar​y License

After completing a hearing aid specialist training program as outlined in Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 331-630-0040, applicants for licensure may obtain a one-year temporary license prior to taking the written and practical examination for full licensure. Temporary license holders may practice but only under the supervision of a licensed hearing aid specialist.
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Midwifery, Direct Entry

A licensed direct entry midwife (LDM) supervises the conduct and labor of childbirth, advises the parent as to the progress of childbirth, and renders prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care. Licensed direct entry midwives provide care in the home, in birthing centers, clinics, and as teachers at midwifery schools.
Licensure to practice direct entry midwifery in Oregon under ORS 687.405 to 687.495 is mandatory unless a person meets certain exceptions listed in ORS 687.415. Only licensed midwives are legally authorized to administer legend or prescription drugs and devices. A license to practice direct entry midwifery under ORS 687.405 to 687495 is required for purposes of reimbursement under medical assistance programs.
Board of Direct Entry Midwifery
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Nail Technology

Nail technicians cut, trim, clean, massage, polish, color or tint the natural nails on the hands and feet.  Practitioners also apply, sculpt and remove artificial nails.
Nail technology is one of four individual fields of cosmetology practice in Oregon. The other three fields of practice are barbering, esthetics and hair design. 

Board of Cosmetology
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Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing home administrators are responsible for planning, organizing and managing the operation of a nursing home.
Nursing Home Administrators Board
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Polysomnographic technologists provide treatment, management, diagnostic testing, education and care of patients with disorders related to sleep. Polysomnography may be performed in a clinic, hospital, skilled nursing facility, sleep center, sleep laboratory, physician’s office, private dwelling or other approved setting.
Polysomnography must be performed in accordance with the prescription or verbal order of a physician or physician assistant or a nurse practitioner licensed under the direction of a qualified medical director for polysomnography.
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Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory care therapists provide services to patients with abnormalities associated with the cardiopulmonary system under the direction of a licensed physician and as part of a health care team.  Respiratory care therapists administer therapeutic or diagnostic drugs to patients as part of a physician-prescribed treatment plan, implement a physician's orders for respiratory treatments, observe and monitor patient symptoms, and assist with administering medical gases (including hyperbaric or standard oxygen, vapor therapies and ventilation support).
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Sex Offender Treatment

Clinical Sex Offender Therapist

Clinical sex offender therapists provide services for the treatment and rehabilitation of sex offenders.  They must have a minimum of a master's degree in the behaviorial sciences and an active Oregon mental health professional license, or equivalent, to be certified in Oregon.  Clinical sex offender therapists may supervise certified associate sex offender therapists

Associate Sex Offender Therapist

Associate sex offender therapists provide services for the treatment and rehabilitation of sex offenders.  They must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in the behaviorial sciences and be under the direct supervision of a clinical sex offender therapist to be certified in Oregon.
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Tattoo artists mark or color the skin by inserting nontoxic dyes or pigments into or under the subcutaneous portion of the skin using single-use or sterile needles to form indelible marks for figurative or decorative purposes.
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Waste Water Sanitation

Waste Water Specialist

Waste water specialists evaluate soil data for design and installation of waste water systems that utilize soil as part of the disposal process.

Waste Water Specialist Trainee

After meeting the entry-to-practice requirements of Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 700.062, applicants are issued a registration to practice as a waste water specialist under supervision in order to complete the required training, education and work experience under ORS 700.053 for registration as a waste water specialist.
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