Pay Tables, Pay Calendar & Federal Holidays




Pay Table FWS 112-Portland and Salem Area (effective 2-AUG-2016)
Pay Table FWS 113-K.Falls and Central Oregon (effective 21-JUN-2016)
Pay Table FWS 144-Eastern Oregon (effective 7-JUN-2016)
Pay Table GS 0414-Occ Series 0810 Civil Engineer (2017)
Pay Table GS 0558-Occ Series 2181 AF Pilots(2017)
Pay Table GS 0565-Occ Series 2152-ATC Radar Approach (2017)
Pay Table GS 0566-Occ Series 2152 ATC Non-Radar Approach (2017)
Pay Table GS 0999B-Occ Series 2210 IT Rest of US (2017)
Pay Table GS 0999C-Occ Series 2210 IT Portland and Salem Area (2017)
Pay Table GS Base Pay (2017)
Pay Table GS Portland and Salem Area (2017)
Pay Table GS Rest of US (2017)
Pay Tables FWS 313R-Southwestern Oregon.Benton & Linn County (effective 30-AUG-2016)
Pay Tables FWS 312R-Portland (effective 28-DEC-2016)