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    Welcome to the home of the Army National Guard 4133d Regional Trial Defense Team (RTDT)!  The 4133d along with other RTDTs was initially established by National Guard Force structure approval memorandum 11 September 2009, and is responsible for technical supervision and rating of Army National Guard Trial Defense Counsel and Paralegals supporting the Army National Guard Trial Defense Service (ARNGTDS) within ten western states and the Pacific Territory of Guam.  The Assistant Regional Defense Counsel through the 629 Trial Defense Team (TDT) and 224th Sustainment Brigade manages the area of operations in AZ, CA, HI, and GU. The TDS is part of the greater Judge Advocate Generals Corps Regiment. ​​​​
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Interested in the Judge Advocate Generals Corps?
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If you have interest in being a JAG,  Paralegal, or Legal Administrator for the JAG Corps, there are positions available in the National Guard, Army Reserve and Active Component. For law students waiting to become a member of the Oregon Army National Guard or already in the Oregon National Guard and intending to be a member of the Oregon State Bar, you can often be approved as a Law Clerk pending completion of Law School and passing the Bar exam. For those already with their Law Degree, for the National Guard you must be a member of the State Bar of the State National Guard which you join. With changes in 'reprocity' this has become easier to obtain without multiple bar exams. For Federal Service with the Active Army or the Army Reserve you must merely be a licensed member of a State Bar Association. For the National Guard, typically one should contact the State JAG office at the State Military Department or Joint Force Headquarters.

For the Oregon Army National Guard JAG, you can contact the State JAG Office. Information which is Oregon specific (though of general use in other States) is available in the linked informational memo. For the Active Component and Army Reserve go to the JAGCNET link below.
Scope and nature of material, information and services provided
Please note that the information provided herein is not legal advice and that the consultation with an attorney is strongly advised. Information provided on matters reflected under 'Legal Memoranda, References and Services', other than 'Trial Defense Service Matters' are generally within the primary responsibility of the Office of the SJA (OSJA) under AR 27-3, and referral from OSJA to ARNG TDS is generally required before TDS will provide services.
ORARNG OSJA and TDS provides services to Oregon Army National Guard members and their eligible dependants, and to Oregon Air National Guard members and their dependants after proper referral. ARNG Soldiers from other regional states must go through their State JAG office for military defense (TDS type) or Legal Assistance Services, and if that state cannot provide non-conflicted attorney services then that state may, through their full-time SJA office, make a referral request for representation to the 4133 RTDT. 
It is highly recommended that our website be reviewed for informational memos and guidance before contacting us.  ORARNG TDS generally requires the submission of the TDS request for counsel form located on this website to initiate a request for representation, and there is no legal representation until such is acknowledged in writing by a ORARNG TDS Judge Advocate.
Services are severely limited due to restrictions under AR 27-3 and State Judge Advocate and Regional Defense Counsel determination to provide services based on personnel and financial resources available. No full-time services are available, and so advice is generally limited to IDT "drill" weekend assistance with the requisite need to provide all documentation and information pertaining to the matter prior to IDT.  TDS and Legal Assistance Attorneys cannot represent anyone in civilian court and cannot provide civilian criminal defense services. Further information on services provided is reflected under 'Current Topics' " TDS Services Provided".
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