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Services and People
​Director ​​503-378-3933 Andrew Phelps - Director
​Deputy Director ​503-378-4025 Laurie Holien - Deputy Director
Mitigation and Recovery 503-378-3181 Clint Fella - Section Manager
Operations and Preparedness 503-378-3434 Matt Marheine - Section Manager
Technology and Response 503-378-4336 Mark Tennyson - Section Manager
James Adams
Domestic Preparedness State Officer
503-378-3232 James.Adams@state.or.us
Denise Choin
Fiscal Coordinator
503-378-2808 Denise.E.Choin@state.or.us
Kelly Jo Craigmiles
Ops and Emergency Program Coordinator
503-378-2865 Kelly.Jo.Craigmiles@state.or.us
Joseph Cunningham 
Database Administrator
​503-378-2999 Joseph.Cunningham@state.or.us

Karen Parmelee

Tsunami Regional Coordinator

​503-378-3231 karen.parmelee@state.or.us

Derric Hoeye

Administrative Assistant

​503-378-3275 derric.hoeye@state.or.us

​Natalie Day

Recovery Services Accountant

​503-378-3552 natalie.day@state.or.us

Nicole Hanson

Accountant 2

​503-378-3849 nicole.l.hanson@state.or.us

Stan Prihar

Mitigation and Recovery Section

​503-378-3935 stan.prihar@state.or.us

Angie Lane

State Hazard Mitigation Officer

​503-378-4660 angie.lane@state.or.us

Alaina Mayfield

Mitigation and Recovery Section

​503-378-4668 alaina.mayfield@state.or.us

Frank Kuchta

DAS Contractor for 911 Frame Relay

​503-378-4620 frank.r.kuchta@state.or.us
Pete Senser
System Analyst

M, F 503-378-3160

Tu, Th 503-584-3931

Gillien Duvall
9-1-1 Technology Operations Coordinator
503-378-2904 Gillien.Duvall@state.or.us
Clint Fella 
Section Manager, Mitigation and Recovery
503-378-3181 Clint.Fella@state.or.us
Cory Grogan
Public Information Officer
​503-378-3930 Cory.Grogan@state.or.us​
Michael Gurley
9-1-1 GIS Coordinator​
503-378-3229 Michael.Gurley@state.or.us​

Angela Creasey
Grants Accountant

503-378-3316 angela.creasey@state.or.us
Bev Hall
Office Specialist
503-378-3256 bev.hall@state.or.us
​Monte Hogan
Network Analyst
​503-378-4677 ​monte.hogan@state.or.us
Laurie Holien
Deputy Director
​503-378-4025 Laurie.Holien@state.or.us
Kelsey Hutchinson
9-1-1 Office Specialist
503-378-4674 Kelsey.Hutchinson@state.or.us
Doug Jimenez
State Exercise Officer
503-378-3255 Doug.Jimenez@state.or.us
Scott Lucas
State Search and Rescue Coordinator
​503-378-3338 Scott.lucas@state.or.us
Connie Lauritsen
Disaster Grants Accountant
503-378-3397 Connie.J.Lauritsen@state.or.us
Pat Lustig
NEXGEN 9-1-1​
​503-378-3433 Pat.Lustig@state.or.us
Matt Marheine
Section Manager, Ops and Preparedness
​503-378-3434 Matt.Marheine@state.or.us
Bill Martin
Program Analyst Team Lead
503-378-3514 Bill.Martin@state.or.us
Sidra Metzger-Hines
Grants Coordinator
503-378-3661 Sidra.Metzgerhines@state.or.us

Debbie Moller

Public/Private Community Affairs Liaison   



GIS Database Analyst
Joseph Murray
503-378-3929 Joseph.Murray@state.or.us
Dan Gwin
Special Projects Coordinator
503-378-3254 darrell.neet@state.or.us

​Paula Negele

Public Information Officer



Christine O'Day
Grants Program Accountant
​503-378-3931 christine.oday@state.or.us
Karen Parmelee
Geo Hazards Awareness Coordinator
503-378-3231 Karen.Parmelee@state.or.us
​Andrew Phelps
503-378-3933 ​Andrew.Phelps@state.or.us
​Terry Pietras
Communication Officer
​503-378-3934 ​Terry.Pietras@state.or.us
Pat Pope
Systems Analyst
503-378-4276 Pat.Pope@state.or.us
Erik Rau 
Emergency Mgmt Planner/Tribal Liaison
503-378-3252 Erik.Rau@state.or.us
Althea Rizzo
Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator
503-378-3936 Althea.Rizzo@state.or.us
Toni Sexton 
9-1-1 Program Analyst
​503-378-3230 ​Toni.Sexton@state.or.us​
Dennis Sigrist
Hazard Mitigation Officer
503-378-3938 Dennis.J.Sigrist@state.or.us
Julie Slevin
Public Assistance Officer
503-378-2235 Julie.Slevin@state.or.us
Jeanie Stark
9-1-1 Program Assistant
503-378-4675 Jeanie.Stark@state.or.us
Jennifer Staub 
Grants Assistant
503-378-4169 ​jennifer.staub@state.or.us

Daniel Stoelb
RAPTOR System Coordinator

503-378-3234 Daniel.Stoelb@state.or.us
Zach Swick
Emergency Preparedness Planner
​503-378-3233 Zach.Swick@state.or.us
Mark Tennyson
Section Manager, Technology and Response
503-378-4336 Mark.Tennyson@state.or.us
Gordon Tiemeyer
Interim 9-1-1 Program Analyst
503-378-4418 Gordon.Tiemeyer@state.or.us
Genevieve Ziebell 
Executive Assistant, Director's Office
​503-378-4578 Genevieve.Ziebell@state.or.us